Master of Science in Clinical Counseling

The CACREP-accredited Master of Science in Clinical Counseling program is a professional development program designed to prepare graduates with knowledge and skills necessary to apply for licensure in Missouri as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

  • About This Program

  • The MSCC program at CMU aims to graduate competent, socially conscious, reflective, evidence-based counselors who understand an individual's development through the life span and are able to meet the needs of a diverse society. In order to achieve that aim, counseling graduates are exposed to formal academic knowledge, applicable skills, and the clinical learning experiences.
  • CACREP LogoThe MSCC program is 60 credit hours in length and may be completed in less than three calendar years through a full-time course of study.
  • The MSCC program is CACREP-accredited as a clinical mental health program at all four locations.
  • Graduates of this program will be employable in clinical counseling arenas such as correctional facilities, mental health centers, and psychiatric institutions, or be prepared to work in private practice.
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  • Admission Requirements

  • Students wishing to pursue a Master of Science in Clinical Counseling must meet the requirements for acceptance into the graduate counseling program.

Master of Science in Clinical Counseling Requirements



Dr. Andrew Benesh

  • Assistant Professor for MSCC Program-Columbia

Catherine Damin

  • Field Experience Coordinator, Clinical Counseling Center Director, and Assistant Professor

Dr. Theresa L. Keown

  • Assistant Professor of Clinical Counseling, Director of the Master of Science in Clinical Counseling (MSCC), MSCC Program Coordinator - Park Hills

Dr. Angela Schubert

  • MSCC Program Director of Online Learning - Assistant Professor

Dr. Jessica Z. Taylor

  • Assistant Professor of Clinical Counseling; Director of Assessment of Master of Science in Clinical Counseling (MSCC) Program; MSCC Program Coordinator - St. Louis