Master of Science in Athletic Training

CAATE logoThe Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) program is an entry level master’s program that is designed to prepare students for the Board of Certification examination (BOC) and to prepare students for an entry level career in the prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.



This program is offered at the following locations:

Residential Campus


The mission of the Department of Athletic Training is to develop students into a competent allied healthcare professional in the field of Athletic Training who demonstrate, inter-professional collaboration, patient-centered care through the application of clinical research, health informatics, and critical thinking. The program will provide the didactic and clinical experiences that will foster an attitude of serving others while employing the principles of professional excellence, ethical leadership and social responsibility.


  1. To fulfill the competencies in athletic training as identified by the BOC Role Delineation Study.
  2. To graduate with a degree in athletic training (MSAT).
  3. To provide students with the necessary background and experiences to successfully complete the BOC examination.
  4. To provide the students with the opportunity to develop the critical thinking, evidence based decision-making, and communication skills needed for a career in Athletic Training.
  5. To promote acceptable standards of ethical conduct and professionalism.
  6. To continually seek the highest quality in instruction, clinical experience, and professional growth.
  7. To create an environment consistent with quality health care for the athletes and patients in the clinical setting.
  8. Successfully retain and graduate athletic training students.