Comparative Religion & Philosophy Degree Program

If you have a desire to learn about the ideas and practices that have shaped our world, the Comparative Religion & Philosophy major at CMU is a great choice. Religion and philosophy are ever-evolving, unceasing topics filled with science, theory, skepticism, history, worldviews, and ethics. You will experience an education that explores methods for comparing across this religious and philosophical landscape, while taking part in hands-on learning that will help you stand out when pursuing your career.

Comparative Religion & Philosophy Degree Program Offerings

This program is offered at the following locations:

Residential Campus

About This Program

The Comparative Religion & Philosophy major will encourage you to actively examine your own moral, spiritual, and ethical foundations. You also will take classes from other disciplines – providing a well-rounded educational experience. You will be prepared to make responsible and morally-driven decisions in your community, society, and beyond – all in-demand qualities many employers and organizations seek.

As a CMU Comparative Religion and Philosophy major, you will have opportunities to:

  • take classes such as Philosophy of Religion, History of Christianity, Paul and the Early Church, Thanatology, Biblical Literature and the Ancient World, Critical Thinking, Asian Philosophy and Religion, Old Testament, and New Testament
  • develop a broad understanding of cultural and social dynamics, ethics, and religions throughout the world
  • learn fundamental skills in communication and management so you are prepared to successfully articulate and support your own positions in written and oral format
  • build skills by developing theories, leading discussions, justifying claims, understanding validity, considering counter arguments, and embracing a variety of interpretations
  • experience hands-on learning through projects, presentations, internships, and field experiences
  • become prepared for careers in international business, politics, law, and global travel
  • receive the preparation needed to earn an advanced degree

Degrees Available

  • Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Religion & Philosophy - Fayette Campus

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Admission Requirements

Admission to CMU is selective. Our admission staff carefully reviews and evaluates each application on an individual basis. Please review all requirements prior to applying for admission.

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