Chemistry Degree Program

If you would like to gain a better understanding of the physical universe and its components, majoring in Chemistry at CMU is the right choice for you. Why does your phone battery run low? Why are roads salted in preparation for winter weather? How does oil become gasoline? These questions and many more can be answered through this program of study.

Chemistry Degree Program Offerings

This program is offered at the following locations:

Residential Campus

About our Chemistry Degree Program

Chemistry focuses on matter -- both in the form of energy and in the form of mass. It also examines how matter converts from one form to another as the basis for changing substances. In your studies, you will conduct experiments as you learn about chemical theory, analysis, compounds and much more.

As a CMU Chemistry major, you will have opportunities to:

  • participate in classes that provide hands-on experience in conducting research, collecting data, developing theories, and performing experiments
  • grow as a leader by socially interacting with other chemistry students as part of Gamma Sigma Epsilon – a national chemistry honor society, Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society – a national professional organization in chemistry, and/or Alpha Epsilon Delta – a national pre-health professions fraternity
  • strengthen your understanding of chemistry so you are prepared for a variety of professional positions in science-related fields

Degrees Available

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Admission Requirements for Chemistry Majors

Admission to CMU is selective. Our admission staff carefully reviews and evaluates each application on an individual basis. Please review all requirements prior to applying for admission.

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