Residential Life FAQs

I do not have a roommate to request. How will one be selected for me?

Don’t worry, most students do not have a specific roommate preference when they come to CMU. If you do not request a specific person, one will be placed with you based on answers to your online housing application

I would like to request a roommate. How do I do this?

You are welcome to indicate an individual on the Requested Roommate page of the online housing application. Requests must be mutual from both students and submitted on each housing application. 

If my roommate and I do not get along, can we switch rooms?

It is possible to change rooms on campus, with certain limitations. We encourage students to work together to make the most of their living arrangements. Room changes are possible, but they depend on available space and timing. We like to give it at least two weeks to allow everyone to get settled and see if it can work. Roommate mediation is also available with an RA or Hall director.

What do I bring with me to campus and what should I leave behind?

A list of recommend items to bring and to leave at home can be found in this PDF.

What is an RA?

An RA, Resident Assistant, is a student staff member that can be found on every floor of the residence halls. This person works under residential life and is there to assist residents with any thing they may need. There is an RA available in each building every night.

What is an RHD?

An RHD, Resident Hall Director, is a full-time staff member that resides on the main floor of the resident halls. The RHD works for the Office of Student Development and assists with the needs of the students. An RHD is available 24-7.

Are the rooms carpeted?

The only residence hall that has carpet in the rooms is McMurry Hall. You may bring your own carpet however rubber backed carpet, carpet glue, and tape is prohibited.

Which residence halls on campus are co-ed?

Howard Payne Hall and McMurry Hall are the two co-ed halls on campus. Opposite gender residents do not share a common bathroom.

What is my room furnished with?

Every double room is equipped with two beds, two desks, two dressers, two chairs, and closet space. Window blinds/shades are provided for every window.

Can I have alcohol in my room?

No, the possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages by students or their guests and the use, possession, or distribution of narcotics or other dangerous and illegal drugs on CMU property is strictly prohibited.

Are there laundry facilities in each residence hall?

Yes, there are washers and dryers in each building. The machines take coins and you can also use the PayRange app.

What if I lose my key?

If you lose your key, report it to the RHD or RA immediately. There is a $75 fee for a key replacement.

What are the visitation hours?

The visitation hours in Holt, Burford, and Woodward are 10 AM-1 AM. Howard Payne and McMurry have open visitation.

Where do new students live?

Most incoming females are placed in Holt Hall while most incoming males are placed in Woodward Hall or Burford Hall.