Standards of Academic Progress

Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress to Maintain Financial Aid Eligibility

All students who receive CMU, federal, or state financial aid must make satisfactory academic progress toward degree completion. There are two components used to measure academic progress: Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) and Pace of Completion. Minimum criterion for both components must be met to achieve satisfactory academic progress. Academic progress is reviewed at the end of each semester - fall, spring, and summer.

Outlined are the minimum requirements to meet satisfactory academic progress:

  • Cumulative GPA: Cumulative GPAs are calculated according to procedures outlined in CMU's General Academic Regulations.
    Credit Hours Attempted Minimum Cumulative GPA
    1 to 29 1.80
    30 to 59 1.90
    60 to 89 2.00
    90+ 2.00
    Graduate/Professional Level
    Credit Hours Attempted Minimum Cumulative GPA
    1+ 3.00
  • Pace of Completion: Students must complete at least 67 percent of all coursework attempted. Students who receive financial aid from CMU are required to submit official transcripts from all previous institutions. Any hours that are transferred to CMU will be included in the number of credit hours attempted and earned. Incompletes and withdrawals are included in coursework attempted. Audited and remedial coursework is not included. Repeated coursework is included.

Failure to Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress. A student who fails to meet the minimum acceptable standards will receive a financial aid warning for a period of one semester via email. The student will be considered to be on Financial Aid Warning. All minimum requirements of satisfactory academic progress must be met by the end of the warning period to maintain financial aid eligibility. During a financial aid warning, a student is still able to receive financial aid. If the student improves his or her academic progress to at least the minimum standards, the warning will expire.

Students who have received a financial aid warning, and fail to meet minimum satisfactory academic progress during the warning period will have all federal, state, and institutional aid terminated, including student loans and work study. The student is considered to be on Financial Aid Suspension. Students will receive notification of financial aid suspension via email and first class mail at their permanent residence.

A student suspended from financial aid eligibility may appeal the decision and petition for financial aid reinstatement. Appeals must be made in writing to the Office of Financial Assistance for review by the Enrollment Management Committee. Appeals should document the circumstances that caused failure of academic progress, as well as a plan to improve progress to meet the minimum standards of satisfactory academic progress by the next review period. Any student who appeals and is approved will be considered on Financial Aid Probation. Students on financial aid probation will remain eligible for financial aid. Granted appeals may have additional stipulations outlined by the Enrollment Management Committee.

Students suspended from receiving financial aid can also re-establish eligibility by bringing their academic progress back into compliance with the minimum requirements of satisfactory academic progress.

Maximum Financial Aid Eligibility. Students must complete a degree program within a time frame of no longer than 150 percent of the published length of the degree program to receive Federal financial aid. All attempted, withdrawn, or transferred credits that apply to a student’s degree program count toward the maximum time limit. For example, a student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training must complete 120 credit hours to meet the degree program requirements. The student may attempt up to 180 credit hours, after which time the student will be no longer be eligible for Federal financial aid.

Notice will be provided to students that have reached 100 percent of the published length of their degree program. Notice will be provided via email each time academic progress is reviewed until the student reaches 150 percent, at which time the student will no longer be eligible for Federal financial aid.