Visiting Students

Undergraduate Non-Degree-Seeking Students

Interested in just taking a class or two with CMU? You can earn transferable credit as a visiting student. Please let your school advisor know in advance so we can work with them to verify transferability and make sure everything is all set.

Not sure what classes to take? See the course schedules. Once you're ready to register, simply use the Visiting Student Enrollment Form, which serves as your application and class registration form. Fax the completed form to Sandra Wald at 660-248-6392, or email a copy to DaShayla Bush at You can also drop it off at our location in the Forum Shopping Center.

Graduate Non-Degree-Seeking Students

Looking for a specific Graduate level course? Take the course you need from CMU. Submit the appropriate application for admission, and select non-degree seeking as your student-type. Students seeking MOREnet Workshop educational credits should fill out the Master of Education application.

All Visiting or Non-Degree seeking students must provide a copy of transcript that verifies a baccalaureate degree was earned. Email unofficial copy, or request an official copy from institution to

Course Schedules

Undergraduate Summer 2019 Columbia Forum Seated Course Schedule
Undergraduate Summer 2019 Online Course Schedule

Undergraduate Fall 2019 Columbia Forum Seated Course Schedule
Undergraduate Fall 2019 Online Course Schedule

*Schedules for all other locations and terms can be found by changing the drop-down boxes at the top of the schedule.

* To view graduate course offerings, the Session drop-down box at the top of the schedule must be changed to the appropriate Graduate Program session.