Digital U Frequently Asked Questions

Digital U iPadsWho qualifies to receive an iPad?
All full-time, undergraduate College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) students at the Fayette campus (residential and non-residential) qualify to receive an iPad.

Do part-time students get iPads?
Part-time undergraduate CLAS students will be able to check out iPads, each semester, from the Office of Technology Services.

How and when do I get my iPad?
If you're a new student (freshman or transfer), you will receive your iPad at orientation in August. All students will need to have completed their enrollment checklist to receive their iPad at a "deployment day" at the beginning of the fall semester.

What's included at no cost to me?

You will receive a 10th generation 10.9-inch iPad (Wi-Fi only, 256GB), Apple pencil, charger and basic case. All students will have access to a standard assortment of University-provided apps to download to the device. These apps are conveniently located in our University Self-Service Center, which can be accessed from a pre-loaded app on your iPad. Additional apps will be provided in accordance to your major.

Do I need to buy anything?
The University provides a basic protective case for the iPad. You may purchase your own iPad protective case and other accessories that meet your needs and preferences. We recommend a case designed to store your Apple pencil with your iPad. You also have the option of purchasing and synchronizing a Bluetooth keyboard to your device, as long as it's compatible with your iPad. The CMU Eagle Store can help you with these processes.

Do I still need to purchase textbooks?
You still need to buy your textbooks for class, but now, in many classes, you will have the flexibility of selecting a printed textbook or an e-text. The CMU Eagle Store is available to help you with this process.

How can I use my iPad in the classroom?
Usage will vary based on your major and individual classes. Every CMU classroom and lab features an Apple TV, which can be synced to your iPad and used for presentations, file sharing and other forms of collaboration.

Can I use my existing iTunes account?
Yes, you can use your existing US based iTunes account. If you don't have one or would prefer to create a new account, you can do so with your CMU email address. Before arriving on campus in August, please confirm your account and password or follow these steps on the Apple website to create an account. You must have an Apple account to receive an iPad in August.

What about personal use and privacy? Are there restrictions on the apps I can install?
Treat the iPad as if it were your own. You can use it for personally downloaded apps, photos, videos, music, and more. You also can personalize most settings, as well as icon placement, wallpaper, etc. CMU does not actively monitor activity, unless there is a legal or academic obligation to do so.

Do I get to keep the iPad?
The iPad is the property of Central Methodist University, until you graduate. The device is yours to keep, once you graduate, if you are a full-time Fayette campus undergraduate student who started at Central Methodist University in fall 2018, or later. If you transfer or withdraw from Central Methodist University, you are required to return it to the University.

What circumstances require me to return my iPad, Apple pencil, and charger to CMU?
You will be required to return your iPad to CMU if you:

  • transfer to another college or university
  • are suspended or expelled for academic or disciplinary reasons
  • aren't enrolled full-time at CMU
  • switch from CLAS (Fayette campus, undergraduate) to CGES (College of Graduate and Extended Studies), which includes CMU centers and online studies

What happens if my iPad, Apple Pencil, or charger gets lost, stolen, or damaged?
Upon receiving your iPad, you are required to sign a User Agreement, which states that you are fully responsible for the iPad. CMU will determine on a case-by-case basis any fees to cover iPad damages or losses. Fees may be higher for multiple repairs on one device or multiple replacements for one student. If your assigned equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged, immediately report it to CMU's Technology Services Helpdesk.

Do I need to back-up my iPad?
Backups of your iPad are highly encouraged and are the sole responsibility of the user. We suggest following Apple's recommended practice for backing up your device.

How can I learn more about the iPad?
Apple has several resources available. Additional information can be found in the Apple iPad User Agreement located on myCMU. For questions or more information, please email CMU's Technology Services Help Desk at, or call 660-248-6197.