Former Gallery Shows

"The Old and The New" featuring works from the Associated American Artists in the Gallery's permanent collection

Salvador Dali

Abstract and Impressionist Watercolors from Missouri Artist Richard Dutton.

"The William Kountz Collection - A Permanent Gift", "Hooked on Rugs", and "A Miscellany of Works"

"Bingham and Benton and Friends" (An Anniversary Show) - Plus Recent Acquisitions

Passion vs. Reality: Three for the Fall -Works by Gary Cadwallader, Masterpieces from the Collection, & Ceramics by Geoff Graham

The Art of Collecting: The Bill & Martha Holman Collection, 4x17: 17 Artists, 68 works from the Permanent Collection

Three Winter Shows: Lifetime of Creativity: A Bill Helvey Retrospective, The Robert & Anna Mae Hodge Collection, Works from the Permanent Collection: In Honor of Black History

The Figure in Woodcuts: Works by Jerry B. Walters, Homage to the Virgina Monroe and Dr. John Hutcherson Collections

A Neva Wood Retrospective and Art in Honor of the 200th Anniversary of Howard County

Bingham & Benton, Salvador Daili (The Hutcherson Collection), & Sara K. and Chris Fletcher

Bandits & Heroes, Poets & Saints

I Dream of Flying: Recent paintings by Paul Jackson plus Revisiting the Ashby Collection

Art Lives! Pat A. Stapleton (1933-2013) and Robert F. Bussabarger (1922-2013)

Feathered Friends: Six Decades of Watercolor Painting of Birds by David Plank plus a Memorial to Brother Mel Meyer, S.M. (1928-2014) Sculpture, Watercolors, Acrylics

Courthouses of Missouri: A Photographic Study by Jerry Benner

The Discerning Eye: Scintillating Painting from Rodney Burlingame

Ingrained: Paintings by Jane Mudd and Wood Creations by Tom Stauder

Three From Fayette: Another Look at Edna Schenk (1913-200), Roger Medearis (1920-2001), and Monte Crews (1888-1946)

Cornelia Kuemmel: A Dream Denied

Shades of Americana: Paintings from the Collection of Glenn and Veronica Cox

The Last Show: Executive Board Purchases through the Years

Bingham in the Boonslick: A Bicentennial Celebration (1811-2011)

Painting Missouri: Paintings Representing 114 Counties in Missouri

Saints and Fairytales: Found Objects by Lynn Graznak Saults

People, Places and Things: Oils by Darrell Gardner

Facing Home: Paintings and Drawings from Mississippi by James Madison Miller V

4x20: Four Works by Twenty Artists

The Art of Two Sisters: Works of Ann Schafer and Jane McDaniel

The Scenic Moods of Stephen Rust

Missouri Scenes of Byron Smith plus Images in Honor of Black History Month from the Permanent Collection

Art from the Domicile Part 2 plus a Special 50th Anniversary Barbie Exhibit

The Art of the Place plus A Bevy of Binghams

Under the Influence: Works of Penny Brown and Her Former Students in the Art World

The World Around Him: The Paintings of J. R. Hamil

Rural Advocate: The Paintings of Nora Othic

Highlights of The Ashby-Hodge Collection Fifteen Years Later and A Ticket to Broadway: The Art of the Playbill

Women In Art: Seventy Works from the Permanent Collection

Catching Light in Missouri: Photographs by Notley Hawkins

The Feminine Mystique in Mid-Missouri, Part Two

Aaron Fine: Experiments on Paper - Narrative Stories

Art Nourishes the Soul: The Soul Sustains Art - Installations and Works of Jo Stealey

A Wondrous Gift: Paintings from the Schenk Estate in Memory of Edna Schenk

From Fayette to the World: The Paintings of Mary Louise (Johnson) Forbes '39 and Anna Mae (Besgrove) Hodge '44

Two of a Kind Makes a Pair: the Works of Jerry and Joanne Berneche

Afro-American Art Exhibit: The Still Lifes of Al Jackson

A Triple Treat - Baylor, Graham, & Bloch

Personae in Art as Seen in the Permanent Collection

Parallel Lives in Art: Ben and Brooke Cameron

A Guest in Wonderland

Juxtaposition: A New way to Look at the Permanent Collection

Luminous Landscapes: The Art of Ann Garney

The Splendorous World of Robert Bussabarger

The Sacred and Profane: Art of William West McKim

Spiritual Journeys: The Art of Robert Sudlow

Artists of the American West

The Eclectic Passions of Frank Stack

Still Life: Selected Drawings by George Potter '63

Side by Side by Graham

Life in the Mississippi: Ceramic Sculpture of Richard Mammel

Art from the Domicile: Art Works from Private Collections

Recent Acquisitions: Art in the Permanent Collection

Designing Life: On Stage and Off Stage the works of James Miller

Chuck MacFall and His Camera: Photographic Potpourri

Kansas Fantastica: Ceramic Pieces and Pastels of Eric Abraham

Art from the Alumni: Featuring Art from Former CMU Students

The Feminine Mystique in Mid-Missouri

The Artistic Flair of Mike Savage

The Ashby Collection - Part Two

The Ashby Collection - Part One

The Art of Giving: Five Years of Gift Acquisitions - 1995-2000

On Extended Wings: A Thomas L. Yancey Retrospective

A Retrospective in Memoriam: Robert MacDonald Graham, Jr.

Thomas Hart Benton: Part 2 - Friends and Followers, and African Artifacts from the James and Inga King Collection

American Images: Selections from the SBC Collection of Twentieth-Century American Art

Highlights of The Ashby Collection

Dale Graham: The Artist as Photographer

Edna Schenk: The Artist as Traveler

Students of Benton

Charles Banks Wilson: The Artist as Historian

Brian Mahieu - From the Artist's Garden: Views From Within And Without

Art in the Honor of Black History Month - Harry Cohen

Robert MacDonald Graham, Jr.

Monte Crews

Clementine Hunter

The Travels of Birger Sandzen

Frank Steinman