First Class Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact with questions about Dual Credit?

If you have any questions regarding dual credit courses or the First Class at CMU program, please contact the First Class/Dual Credit Office.

How do I enroll/register?

New students apply online to CMU. Counselors submit the students’ class requests and high school transcripts to the First Class office and we enroll the students in their class(es). Students who have taken CMU dual credit before do not need to complete the application again. 

Link to application:

When is tuition due?

Full payment or enrollment in a payment plan is due by September 28, 2023 for the fall and yearlong courses.

The spring 2024 payment deadline is February 2, 2024.

How much is tuition? Are online classes the same price as in-seat, ZOOM? How do I know what I owe?

In-seat and ZOOM classes are all $80 per credit hour.

Online tuition is $100 per credit hour.

Students should know the course they want to enroll in and the number of credit hours the course is worth. Multiply that by $80 for in-seat or Zoom classes, or by $100 for online classes. For example: In-seat EN110 3 credit hours x $80 = $240; Online EN110 3 credit hours x $100 = $300. It is very important that the student/parent knows the number of credit hours that you are taking each semester.

What’s the address if I am mailing a check?

Central Methodist University
Office of First Class/Peggy O’Connell
411 Central Methodist Square
Fayette, MO 65249

How do I enroll in a payment plan?

You can make a payment by logging in to the student’s myCMU account.

  1. Visit the university home page:
  2. Click the link to myCMU (located under the search bar) and log in
  3. Select the “Student” tab at the top of the page
  4. Select “Billing and Payments”
  5. Select “Sign Up for a Payment Plan”
  6. Follow the simple instructions to complete the transaction.

Please Note: A 2.75% processing fee will be charged for credit/debit card payments. There is no fee for the e-check option.

I’m confused about math prerequisites. What do I need to know?

CMU follows the math pathways. All counselors should have a flow chart and prerequisite table with the scores necessary to enroll in each math course. You can also view these prerequisites on the First Class Resources page of the website. Enrollments are based on a student’s ACT, Accuplacer, or Math Placement Exam scores. Students may also petition the department for permission to enroll.

How do I get myCMU information?

Each student should get an email containing their login information within 24-48 hours after they apply to CMU. If they misplace this information, they can ask their counselor, or call the Office of First Class (660-248-6892 or 660-248-6378). For after hours the HelpDesk (660-248-6197). 

I can’t find the myCMU information that was sent. Now, what?

The student should check their junk folders, ask their counselor, or call the Office of First Class for their information. For after-hours assistance, they need to call the Helpdesk.

I am entering the myCMU login information I was sent and the password I created, but it’s not working. What do I do?

The student should check their junk folders, ask their counselor, or call the Office of First Class for their information. For after-hours assistance, they need to call the Helpdesk.

What if I want to pay in full online?

There is an option to choose that you want to make a one-time payment in full for your tuition.

For more information about payment options, click

Or visit the Payment Information Page at:

I’m supposed to get a scholarship, but it’s still showing an amount due. What do I do?

Please call the Office of First Class 660-248-6378. Chances are the scholarship has not been applied to your account yet. If the amount is still there two business days after you have called and checked please call again, and we will see what is going on.

How do I find out what books I need?

The high school should know what books you will need for in-seat or ZOOM classes. For online classes, you will need to check the course syllabus or call the First Class Office. Once enrolled you will have access to the course syllabus and will be able to buy your books online through CMU’s online bookstore. You will also be able to email the instructor with any questions regarding books or online supplemental materials.

Are the books the same for in-seat and online?

Not always. Please check the syllabus of the course you are enrolled in before buying books. Not all in-seat books can be bought at CMU’s bookstore.

What happens with dual credit classes if the high schools close?

All high schools have a contingency plan to keep classes going.  If you have any questions regarding your class please talk to the instructor and administration at the high school. You can also call the Office of First Class.

How do I print an unofficial transcript?

  1. Login to MyCMU and click Student at the top of the page.
  2. Click Transcripts and Grade Reports on the left
  3. Click View Unofficial Transcript.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see an option for a “printer friendly” report. Click that option if you are going to print your transcript.

How do I send an official transcript?

  1. Go to
  2. Click Academics at the top of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. In the blue Academic Resources box, click Transcript Request.
  4. Read the information, click on the National Student Clearinghouse secure site link, and follow the prompts to request your transcript. Read the information and click on the Start button when you are ready to begin.
  5. Note: you will be asked for your CMU ID, but as long as your name and birth date are correct, your request will process without it.
  6. There is a charge for sending the transcript, so you will need to have a bank card or credit card to pay. Question?  Contact the Registrar’s Office at 660-248-6994.