Phone and Mobile Device Information

Every employee has access to a telephone and a voice mail account. Voice mail guides, including a complete step-by-step guide for ALL available voice mail options, are available on the CMU Intranet. If you plan to purchase a cordless phone for your office, make sure it is in the 900Mhz or 5Ghz range.


emailAT&T Mobility:CMU has partnered with AT&T Mobility to offer faculty and staff a discount.

emailEagle Alerts: Sign-up for CMU's emergency text message notification system.

email Office365: Learn how to sync eagle mail to your mobile device


Telephone Troubleshooting

Problems with your telephone? Try these easy fixes.
If the problem persists, please contact

  • Be sure your phone has touch-tone dialing
  • Check all telephone cords - from jack to telephone base and from telephone base to the handset - make sure they are not loose or damaged. Move the cord around or replace with another phone line to rule out this problem.
  • Be sure the phone cord is plugged into the proper jack, not the network port.
  • If you have another telephone or spare telephone cord, plug it into the jack.
  • Reset phone by unplugging for 5 minutes.