CMU has various network printers throughout campus that are available to faculty and staff. Default printers should be set-up on computers across campus, but other printers can be added.
For step-by-step directions, learn how to install a network printer.

Please use discretion when printing items and follow the tips below. If you have problems printing, follow the troubleshooting information. If you still have issues, contact the helpdesk at

Printing Tips
  1. Print on both sides (duplex): Check your printer to see if has a Duplexer, this allows you to print on both sides of the paper. Under printer preferences you would see Print on Both Sides options on the layout tab.
  2. If you have a 10 page paper and have to make a correction to one page, just print the page you made the correction to, rather than the entire paper.
  3. Want a printed copy of only part of the information on a web page and don't want to copy the entire page or multiple pages? There are a couple of options:
    1. Highlight the part of message desired, then copy and paste to a blank email and print it without sending the message. Cancel the email and you have a copy of the desired information.
    2. In Internet Explorer:
      • Highlight the text you want to print
      • Choose File/Print
      • In the print dialog window, under "Print range" choose "Selection" and then hit the "OK" button at the bottom. Only the text you have highlighted will print.
  4. To save printer Ink, avoid printing unnecessary background colors and images. Turn off the background when printing from Internet Explorer:
    1. Select Tools, then Internet Options
    2. The Internet Options dialog box will appear
    3. Choose the Advanced tab and scroll down to Printing
    4. Make sure the "Print background colors and images" box is unchecked
    5. Choose OK
  1. Reboot your Computer.
  2. Make sure the printer has power and is online.
    • Start - Settings - Devices & Printers, right-click the printer.
    • If there isn't a checkmark by "Set as Default", left-click that option to select it.
  3. Turn it off for 10 seconds and on again to reinitialize any internal settings that may have gone astray.
  4. Ensure that the tape that seals the cartridge ink port is removed prior to installing the cartridge.
  5. Use the printer's own self-test.
    • Start - Settings - Devices & Printers
    • Right-click the printer name, left-click Properties
    • Choose the Print Test Page button
  6. The message "out of paper" is sometimes erroneously reported when there is plenty of paper, and can indicate a physical problem with the printer.
  7. Try deleting and re-adding the printer.