Alpha Phi Gamma - Mokers

Alpha Phi Gamma Mokers

"Moke"-shouted across campus, painted in red on foreheads-that was a sign to the campus that a new organization had been born, and further investigation revealed to interested Centralities that once again a social fraternity was in action. The group was founded as a local social fraternity by nine members on the October 14, 1945. The fraternity chose to be called Alpha Phi Gamma, and often referred to as the Mokers is one of the oldest fraternities on campus. They have remained rooted deep in tradition not just within their organization but also on the CMU campus as well.

They hold events such as the Moker March, Moker Smoker (Formal Rush), Christmas Dinner and Sweetheart Dance. Alpha Phi Gamma contributes to philanthropic efforts such as Head Start holiday events and other community based service. With their motto "Amacitia Faucet Gaudium," which means "Friendship makes joy," these men continue their near 70 year heritage with actives and alumni alike into the future of this university.

Alpha Phi Gamma Mokers

  • President: Grant Sandifer

  • Vice President: Morgan Miller

  • Rush Chair: Tanner Cassity

  • Daniel Pugh

  • Cody Adams

  • Derek Woodall

  • Richard Byfield

  • Felipe Garcia

  • Colton Groshong

  • Britton Tucker

  • Jordan Cauldwell

  • Dylon Lewis

  • Lamar Homes

  • Austin Sims

Alpha Phi Gamma Mokers

Alpha Phi Gamma Mokers