Benefit Summary

Summary of Full-time Employment Benefits (5/1/2014)

Major Medical

Health – Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
     HMO – No deductible, must use in network physicians and facilities
     PPO – Deductible in and out of network ($1,000 per person/$2,000 per family)

     HSA High deductible health savings ($2,600 per person/$5,200 per family)

Dental – Delta Dental
     $50 deductible per person

Life and Long Term Disability – Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield 
     Life insurance based on salary
     $50,000 life for $30,000/year and over, $35,000 life for under $30,000/year
     Benefits are reduced at age 65 by 35% and again at age 70 by 25%.

Insurance premiums for full-time employees are paid by CMU. Coverage begins on the first of the month following 30 days of employment. Employees may choose to pay premiums for family, spouse or dependent coverage (see below).

Flexible Spending Accounts

Medical Flexible Spending Account - AmeriFlex - $2,550 annual limit

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account - AmeriFlex - $5,000 annual limit

Contributions are made on a pre-tax basis. Coverage begins the first of the month following 30 days of employment. Participants must re-enroll every calendar year.


Non-exempt full-time employees – 2 weeks vacation per year

Exempt full-time employees – 3 weeks vacation per year

Sick Leave

Sick days are accumulated at one and one-fourth days per month

Tuition Waiver

All spouses and dependent children undergraduate tuition waived.

One-half of graduate tuition is waived for spouses.

Employee’s tuition waived, with supervisor’s approval, and time to be made up.


TIAA/CREF – Retirement Annuity

Payroll deduction (non-taxable or taxable)
After 1 year of continuous service during which the employee completes 1,000 hours or more hours of service, CMU will contribute 5% of the employee’s base pay.  If the employee contributes 5% or more, CMU will contribute an additional 2%, for a total of 7%.  An online enrollment form must be completed before this benefit can be administered.

(Employees may be eligible sooner if coming directly from another institution of higher learning.)


Applicants being considered for a position opening must complete a background check authorization form and be cleared for employment.

New employees must complete an I-9, W-4s, direct deposit form and insurance forms if applicable.

Employees are paid on the first of the month, unless the first is a weekend or holiday.

Plant Operations staff are paid every 2 weeks.

Monthly Insurance Premiums
  Children Spouse  Family
HMO $557.57 $681.48 $1,177.07
PPO $565.85 $691.56 $1,194.56
HSA $518.65 $633.89 $1,094.92
Dental $21.05 $20.74 $42.81
General Questions

Contact Debbie Nation in the payroll office or by phone at (660) 248-6201.