Tuition Rates

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate - Fayette  $29,700 per year*

College of Graduate and Extended Studies

Associate of Arts (Columbia)  $105
Undergraduate (all locations except St. Louis)  $210
Undergraduate - Child Development onsite  $210
Undergraduate - Online  $250
Accelerated Nursing Program - Columbia  $540
St. Louis Area:  
Undergraduate - Business, Psychology, RN-BSN  $300
Undergraduate - Child Development onsite  $210
Master of Education  $280
Master of Clinical Counseling  $380
Master of Education  $250
Master of Education - online  $290
Master of Education - St. Louis  $280
Master of Music Education  $250
Master of Science in Mathematics  $380
Master of Science in Nursing  $380
First Class at CMU - Dual Credit  
Dual Credit  $80
Dual Credit Online  $120


* Cost includes room and board.

† All College of Graduate and Extended Studies rates are per credit hour.


See the full Cost of Attendance for an estimate of all costs. Cost of Attendance is a formal term used by the Department of Education to estimate the cost to a student, both directly and indirectly, of being a full time student.

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