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Edited Volumes

Directions in North American Public Theology, a special edition of The International Journal of Public Theology, 8.3 (2014).
    Featuring articles by David Tracy, Linell Cady, Mark G. Toulouse, and others.

The Virtue of Reinhold Niebuhr (under development).

Articles (peer reviewed)

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    With responses from Nicholas Wolterstorff and Christopher Eberly

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Book Chapters

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Professional Service

Co-Editor, Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, 2017-present

Book Review Editor, International Journal for Public Theology, 2012-2015

President, The Niebuhr Society, 2012-2014

Member of ATS’s Technology in Theological Education Group, Ethics Subcommittee, 2011-2012

Secretary and Treasurer, The Niebuhr Society, 2006-2011