Dr. Ashley Lough's teaching responsibilities include General Biology lecture and lab (BI101), Genetics lecture and lab (BI306), Molecular and Cellular Biology lecture and lab (BI320), Special Topics: Introduction to Infectious Diseases lecture (BI190), and she co-taught a Special Topics: Introduction to Forensic Science course with Criminal Justice Professor Keith Abernathy (CJ390).  She is also the pre-health advisor, which includes advising students interested in becoming doctors (MD or DO), physician assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and genetic counselors.  

Dr. Lough's research interests span topics in genetics and cellular biology, and her background is in plant genetics.  She works with students at CMU on capstone research projects.  One student recently gave an oral presentation at the Missouri Academy of Science meeting in 2017.


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Professional Memberships 

  • Missouri Academy of Science, National Science Teachers Association, National Association of Biology Teachers