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The Value of CMU

A CMU education is an investment that brings a lifetime of returns. Leading employers and graduate schools recognize the rigor and values of the CMU experience, and they seek out our graduates due to their preparedness, maturity, and character. CMU is an investment, but it is one that pays off - in your education, your career, and every area of your life.

Students on campusThe Value of CLAS

As a full-time, residential student you'll be immersed in a complete college experience on our Fayette campus – enhanced by close relationships and a host of activities just outside your door. It is our goal to make this integrated experience as affordable as possible through generous financial support, including scholarships, grants, loans, and more.

The Value of CGES

Graduate, adult, and place-bound students come to CMU to acquire the knowledge and practical experiences needed to advance in their careers. Most are working adults and many are raising a family, and we appreciate and understand the extra challenges they face. CGES provides the much-needed convenience, flexibility, affordability, and support to reach their career goals.