Tuition & Fees: Undergraduate - Fayette

The information provided can be used to estimate your balance due to CMU, after financial assistance has been applied. Monthly billing statements, provided by the Business Office, will begin in June.

Annual Direct Costs - Tuition, Room, Board, and Fees 2016-17 2017-18
 Tuition (12-18 hours per semester) $22,280 $23,000
 Average Room and Board $7,550 $7,730
 Fees $730 $770
Total Average Annual Direct Costs $30,560 $31,500
 Average Book and Supply cost (estimated) $1,000 $1,000


Direct Costs - Breakdown per Semester 2016-17 2017-18
 Full-time tuition (12-18 hours) $11,140 $11,500
 Part-time tuition (7-11 hours, per credit hour) $930 $960
 Part-time tuition (1-6 hours and summer courses, per credit hour) $210 $210
 Overload tuition (for each hour over 18) $210 $210
 Residence Hall * $1,850 $1,890
 Meal Plan ** $1,925 $1,975



Student Fees Per Semester - Mandatory (full-time or per credit hour, part-time)
Career Center Fee $25 or $2.50
Classroom Assessment Fee $110 or $9.25
Educational Resource Fee $120 or $10
Health Clinic Fee $30 or $2.50
Student Government Fee (2016-17 is $70 or $7) $90 or $9*
Yearbook Fee $10 or $1
Other Fees  
Art Fee (per credit hour) $10
Graduation Fee $75
Online Service Fee † $50
Orientation Fee $100
Parking Citations $15-100
Parking Permit (per semester) $30
Private Music Lessons (per lesson, max $250) $125
Residence Halls - Damage Deposit $100
Returned Check $30
Science Laboratory Fee (per course, max $100) $50
Single Room Charge (per semester) $500
Sports Medicine/Athletic Training Physical (per semester) $75

* This is the average cost for a resident hall, this number will vary depending upon the residence hall chosen.

** This is the cost of a full meal plan (19 meals per week); the cost will vary depending on the meal plan chosen. Freshmen and Transfer students are required to have the 19 meal plan for the first year of attendance.

† Fayette Undergraduates taking at least 12 hours on campus will be charged a service fee to enroll in any online classes. Those students not enrolled at least 12 hours on campus are charged at the part-time rate for on-campus classes and at the CGES rates for those classes.

In addition to books and supplies, families should plan on other indirect cost such as transportation and personal spending. Please Note: Parents may borrow a Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) up to the full Cost of Attendance (or Budget) minus any financial assistance the student is receiving. If the student has an excess of funds (more aid than the total direct cost), the balance will be given to the student as a refund. The student can use this refund as a means to pay for books, transportation or other personal spending.

Balance due can be paid through CMU's flexible payment options.

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