Dual Credit Courses

Course No. Course Name Credit Hours
AC201 Principles of Accounting 3 hours
AR116 Basic Photography 3 hours
AR121 Basics of Design 3 hours
AR130 Studio Art 3 hours
AR186 Art History I 3 hours
BI101 General Biology 4 hours
BI102 General Biology 4 hours
BI103 Integrated Biology 5 hours
BI105 Introduction to Environmental Science 4 hours
BI107 Human Anatomy 4 hours
BI108 Biodiversity 4 hours
BI110 Introduction to Biotechnology 3 hours
BU110 Introduction to Business 3 hours
CH111 General Chemistry 4 hours
CJ100 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 hours
CS121 Introduction to MS Office 1 hours
CS122 Computers in the Academic World 1 hours
CS172 .NET1 (Structured Programming I) 4 hours
CS214  Web Page Design 3 hours
CT101 Communication Skills 3 hours
EN105 Intro to World Literature 3 hours
EN110 College Composition I 3 hours
EN111 College Composition II 3 hours
EN120 College Composition I and II 3 hours
FB101 Personal Finance 3 hours
GL105 Exploring Geology 4 hours
GR101 Elementary German 4 hours
GR102 Intermediate German 4 hours
HI101 World History I 3 hours
HI102 World History II 3 hours
HI117 Development of the United States I 3 hours
HI118 Development of the United States II 3 hours
MA103 College Algebra 3 hours
MA103-I College Algebra - Intensive 5 hours
MA104 Analytic Trigonometry 3 hours
MA105 Elementary Statistics 3 hours
MA108 Finite Math 3 hours
MA112 Selected Topics in Calculus 3 hours
MA118 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I 5 hours
MU188 Music Appreciation - The World of Music 3 hours
PH111 General Physics I 4 hours
PS101 Introduction to National, State, Local Government 3 hours
PY101 General Psychology 3 hours
SO101 Introduction to Sociology 3 hours
SO150 Introduction to Anthropology 3 hours
SP101 Elementary Spanish 4 hours
SP102 Intermediate Spanish 4 hours
TA103 Basic Principles of Theatre 3 hours