BSE, Special Education: Mild-Moderate Disabilities K-12 - minimum 120hours

Common Core: See Common Core requirements
Required Courses from General Education: Science with a laboratory (4), EC101 General Economics (3)
Tier Two: Additional General Education Requirements (18-19 Hours)
Humanities or Fine Arts: 3 hours
Social Sciences: PY210 Educational Psychology (3) AND HI205 World Geography (3) 6 hours
Additional Science with or without Lab: 3-4 hours
MA224   Mathematics for Elementary and Middle School Teachers (4) 4 hours
ED122 Education Technology 2 hours
Professional Education (23 Hours)
ED101     Foundations of Education (2)
ED102     Field Experience I (1)
ED453     Education as a Profession (2)
ED454     Student Teaching Seminar/Methods (2)
ED462     Student Teaching (10)          
PY223     Developmental Psychology (3)
PY342    Psychology of the Exceptional Child (2)
PY343 Psychology of the Exceptional Child Practicum (1)
Special Education certification (Mild/Moderate disabilities K-12) requirements (51 Hours)
ED103   Child Development (2)
ED303    Methods/Materials for Teaching Content Classes (3)
ED304   Methods and Materials for Teaching Content Classes Practicum (1)
ED315   Reading and Writing with Young Children (4)
ED318   Reading Assessment and Instruction (3)
ED319   Reading Practicum (1)
ED320  Reading and Writing in the Middle School (4)
ED324   Methods of Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary/Middle School (3)
ED326   Children’s Literature (3)
ED329   Emergent Language (2)
SE203   Introduction to Special Education – MMD K-12 (3)
SE223   Career Development (2)
SE233   Special Education Processes (2)
SE311  Curriculum Methods MMD K-12 (4)
SE313   Counseling in Special Education (2)
SE321   Diagnostic & Prescriptive Procedures (3)
SE340   Mathematics Instruction for Special Needs Students (2)
SE341   Literacy Instruction for Special Needs Students (2)
SE345  Classroom & Behavior Management (3) or ED313 Classroom Behavior Management (3)
EN211 Grammar for Educators (3)
Minor And Electives (To Complete Min. 124 Hours)