Political Science

Political Science Minor - 18 Hours

PS200   International Problems and Relations (3)
PS308   American Constitutional Law (3)
PS318   American Legislative Politics (3)
PS319   The American Presidency, Past and Present (3)
Guided Elective Courses in Political Science (6 hours)

NOTE: PS101 may not be credited towards the minor in Political Science.

Political Science Courses

PS101 Introduction to American National State and Local Government. 3 hours. A study of the structure and functions of national, state, and local government. This course applies toward fulfilling secondary teaching certification requirements in the Social Sciences.

PS103 Introduction to Missouri Civics. 1 hour. An introduction to the Missouri Constitution, state political institutions, and processes. This course will fulfill the Missouri State Civics requirement for transfer students who have completed coursework from a non-Missouri institution in American Government or a Survey of American History I or an equivalent course which covers the U.S. Constitution. Cross-listed with HI103. Prerequisite: American Government or American History I at an out-of-state institution.

PS200 International Problems and Relations. 3 hours. Introduction to principles of international affairs, including theory and methodology of world politics, nature of power and its control, competition and cooperation among nations.

PS204 Global Crime. 3 hours. An examination of international crime operations including sea and air piracy, smuggling and terrorism. Cross-listed with CJ204. Prerequisite: CJ100 or instructor's permission.

PS307 The History and Politics of Missouri. 3 hours. A survey of the social, economic, intellectual, and political history of Missouri from prehistory to the twentieth century. Fulfills the state civics requirement. Cross-listed with HI307. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

PS308 American Constitutional Law and the Judicial Process. 3 hours. Study of the leading American constitutional principles and major decisions of the Supreme Court. An analysis of the role played by judges and courts in public policy formation. Prerequisite: PS101; or instructor's permission.

PS309 Law in American Society. 3 hours. A study of the role of law and legal institutions in the American system of justice. Cross-listed with CJ309.

PS318 American Legislative Politics. 3 hours. A detailed examination of current research into the structure and function of American legislative institutions at the national, state and local levels. Prerequisite: PS101 or instructor's permission.

PS319 The American Presidency, Past and Present. 3 hours. An analysis of the evolution and contemporary operation of the office of the presidency with special emphasis on the administrations of selected presidents. Cross-listed with HI319. Prerequisites: PS101 or instructor's permission.

PS322 Comparative Political Systems. 3 hours. An introduction to the comparative study of national political systems. Attention is focused on the role of political culture and historical evolution as determinants of political development. Cross-listed with HI322.

PS330 Principles of Public Administration. 3 hours. A survey of Public Administration with reference to organization, personnel management, financial administration, and administrative process. Prerequisites: PS101 and Junior standing; or instructor's permission.

PS331 Research Design and Data Analysis in the Social Sciences. 3 hours. An introduction to research design, social measurement, analytic strategies, and applied statistical techniques relevant to the interpretation of social phenomena. Cross-listed as PY331.

PS333 Public Policy Analysis. 3 hours. An introduction to the tools of the public policy planner and budget analyst with emphasis on the role of policy analysis in program design, implementation, and review.

PS334 Applied Quantitative Data Analysis in the Social Sciences. 3 hours. A study of the application of quantitative analytic techniques to data in the Social Sciences. Cross-listed as PY334. Prerequisite: MA105; or instructor's permission.

PS355 Topics Seminar in Area Studies. 3 hours. This seminar will familiarize students with the modern political history and contemporary political and social dynamics of the nations of a selected region of the world. The seminar will examine the political and social history and social evolution of the designated region. Discussion and reading will focus on the political and social evolution of the region since World War II, the arrangement of political institutions, the key leadership dynamics, and the overall contemporary political situation in the nations of the region. There will be assigned readings and discussion topics for each seminar meeting, and students will be expected to follow contemporary developments in the politics of the region. Each student will be expected to complete a research paper on some facet of the politics of one state within the region on which the seminar is focusing. May be repeated with different designated regions.

PS260/360/390 Special Problems. 1-3 hours. A directed, independent study program on a topic of special interest to the student and approved and guided by an instructor. Prerequisite: approval of the project by the instructor.

PS290/390/490 Special Topics. 1-3 hours. Advanced course on a topic not included in the regular curriculum. Prerequisite: Instructor's permission.

PS368/468  Internship/Field Experiences. 1-5 hours. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing.