Bachelor of Science Nursing (RN to BSN)

Common Core: See Common Core requirements
Required courses from General Education:
MA103 College Algebra 3 hours
Any CJ/CT/EC/HI/PS/SO course to meet the CMU Social Sciences requirement 3 hours
Tier Two: Additional General Education Requirements
17-23 hours
Humanities or Fine Arts:see guidelines 3 hours
Social Sciences: See guidelines.
Must include PY101 General Psychology (3).
Must include a 200 or 300-level course in SO or PY (3).
6 hours
Science 8-14 hours
Nursing Credit granted for Associate's Degree in Nursing (ADN) or diploma education Up to 40 hours
Nursing Major Requirements (29 Hours)
CMU190 Orientation to OL Learning (1)
AH300  Professional Nursing Practice (3)
AH305  Adaptive Health and Assessment (3)
AH316  Data Analysis for Allied Health (3)
AH317 Health Professions Research (3)
AH390 Orientation to APA Format (1)

AH/HS400 Health Care Informatics (3)
NU320  Adaptation Nursing in the Community (4)
NU455  Professional Issues, Leadership, and Management (3)
NU480  Integrated Concepts on Adaptation Nursing (5)
Nursing Electives (pick 2, 6 hours)  
AH330 Business Concepts (3)
FL390 Hispanic Culture in Healthcare (3) 
HS304 Healthcare Law (3)                   
HS410 Client Education In Healthcare (3)   
NU325  Historical Trends in Nursing (3)        
NU361  Gerontology 1 (3)
NU362  Gerontology 2 (3) 
NU369  Rural Nursing (3)
NU390  Forensic Nursing (3)
NU390  Pathophysiology (3)
NU390  Pharmacology (3)
NU390  STT Leadership Certificate (3)
Electives To Complete Min. 120 Hours