Master of Education Standards

These standards refer to MEd Professional Teaching Core Courses.

Courses marked with an asterisk (*) are available from CMU through Virtual Education Software (VESi).

Content Knowledge
ED509  Play and the Young Child (3)
ED510  History & Philosophy of Middle-Level Education   (3)
ED525  Theories of Child Development (3)
ED538  Issues in Special Education (3)
ED539  Issues & Trends in Curriculum (3)
ED547  Intro. Interscholastic & Intercollegiate Athletic Program Admin. I (3)
ED548  Interscholastic & Intercollegiate Athletic Program Administration II (3)
ED549  Interscholastic & Intercollegiate Athletic Program Admin. III (3)
ED610*  Attention Deficit Disorder (2) [VESi]
ED611*  Autism & Asperger’s Disorder (2) [VESi]
ED613*  Drugs & Alcohol in School (2) [VESi]
ED616*  Traumatized Child (2) [VESi]
ED621*  Understanding Aggression (3) [VESi]
ED624*  Violence in Schools (2) [VESi]
ED627*  Harassment, Bullying, & Cyber-Intimidation in Schools (3) [VESi]
MA503  History of Math (3)
MA515  Advanced Statistics (4)
MA517  Modern Algebra (4)
MA518  Matrices & Linear Algebra (3)
MA521  Introduction to Real Analysis (3)
MA522  Writing Mathematical Documents (3)
MA523  Introduction to Complex Variables (3)
PY523   Human Growth & Development (3)
Planning and Preparing for Instruction
ED508  Introduction to Cross-Categorical Abilities (3)
ED512  Middle Level Curriculum & Instruction (3)
ED518  Reading Assessment & Instruction (3)
ED520  Teaching Reading in Middle School (3)
ED524  Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Elementary School
ED541  Power of Engaged Learning (3)
ED551  Methods & Materials in Math Education (3)
ED572  Teaching Reading in Content Area (3)
ED623*  Learning Disabil. (3) [VESi]
(NOTE: May substitute for ED516 for MEd students but not for TAC students)
Delivery of Instruction
ED504  Current Issues and Trends in Education (3)
ED543  Software for Students (3)
ED544  Software for Teachers (3)
ED545  Web Page Design (3)
ED561  Instructional Strategies (3)
ED612*  Child Abuse (2) [VESi]
ED615*  Talented & Gifted (2) [VESi]
ED625*  Teaching Diversity (2) [VESi] (NOTE: May substitute for ED516)
Monitoring and Assessment
ED507  Foundations of Education Administration (3)
ED513  Classroom Assessment (3)
ED532  Screening, Diagnosis, Planning Instr. for Young Children (2)
ED618  Education Assessment (2) [VESi]
ED628  Ethics and Safety for our Schools (3)
Individual and Classroom Management
ED523  Teacher Leadership (3)
ED533  Classroom & Behavior Management (3)
ED620  Advanced Classroom Management (3) [VESi]
ED622*  Behavior is Language (3) [VESi]
RL504  Religion & the Public Schools (3)
SO501 Minority Groups (3)