New Phone System - Frequently Asked Questions

When will this new system "go live"?

Currently, the "go live" data is scheduled for the evening of Thursday, December 13th.

Will my office extension or 248-XXXX number change?


Will the account code that I use for long distance account remain the same?

Yes - for the majority of departments. In select cases, we will be updating the long distance account code for a department to align with the same number used for their budget. Departments impacted will be notified the week of December 10th.

Will I get a new phone?

Yes, if you currently have a "Walmart" / basic style phone in your office you will be issued an Avaya J139 model. Otherwise, you will be issued an Avaya J179.

When will I get my new phone?

Technology Services will distribute the new phones starting the week of December 3rd. Your building and/or department will be notified prior to the scheduled distribution. The phone works by using the same network connection as your computer, therefore it will work best if you log out of your computer on the day of the scheduled distribution. Until the official "go live" date, you will have two phones on your desk. After the "go live" date, someone will come and collect your old phone.

Is everyone getting a new phone?

Faculty and staff who have an existing phone are getting a new phone. We will not be providing dial tone to any residence hall rooms AFTER the "go live" date.

How do I transfer a call? How will I check my voicemail?

The process for these things and others will be different. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to our "go live" date.