Central Wellness

Mission of Wellness Committee

The mission of the Wellness Committee is to promote healthy development of the mind, body and spirit of the members of the Central Methodist University Community through physical exercise, health and fitness awareness, educational programs, and recreational activities.


Definition of Wellness

The concept of wellness advocates a balanced approach to life and includes social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, intellectual, occupational and physical components.


Wellness Focus: Immunizations aren't just for kids

Bike helmets. Vegetables. Vaccines. If you have kids, chances are you've fought these battles. But you know it's worth it to protect your kids' health. But do you take a hard line when it comes to your health, as well? Lots of adults aren't up to date on their vaccines (immunizations). Shots aren't just for kids. They're also important for adults because:

  • Immunity can fade over time, which could expose you to diseases that are more severe for adults than for kids.
  • Newer vaccines can help protect against things like chicken pox and the virus that causes cervical cancer.
  • You may have missed some of your shots when you were a kid.

The good news is that it isn't too late to catch up. Not only will you protect yourself and your family, but you could also help to stop the spread of illness worldwide. And that's a battle worth fighting.