Enrollment Records Fall At CMU

University on-campus population up seven percent

a busy place

The numbers are in for Central Methodist University's on-campus (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, or CLAS) enrollment. And to CMU officials, they look very, very good.

CMU's on-campus, or CLAS, student population is 1,185 students as of Tuesday (Aug. 26). That's up a healthy seven percent from the same time last year (1,107 students), surpassing the all-time mark of 1,176 from the Fall 2010 semester.

And that's only the start of the good news, CMU President Roger Drake noted.

"We find this year's enrollment numbers to be encouraging and affirming," Drake said. "The Central Methodist experience continues to be attractive to our students; young men and women see value in our University. We see the opportunity to prepare students to make a difference in the world."

CMU enrolled a best-ever 331 first-time, full-time freshman, 13.7 percent above last year (291 freshmen) and well above the previous record of 314 set in 2010. Even more impressive are their academic credentials, with an average freshman ACT score of 22.5 - the highest in at least six years, Drake pointed out.

Recruitment of transfer students, an area of emphasis for Vice President for Institutional Growth and Student Engagement Ken Oliver, is paying off as well. The 126 transfer students represents a 14.7 percent jump from last year. Proud as he is of those numbers, the freshman class brings Oliver particular satisfaction.

"In an era where the number of Missouri high school graduates has been declining and an economy that is a challenge for a number of families, we were able to attract not only the largest freshmen class in CMU history but an even more academically prepared one," Oliver said.

"The strategic enrollment efforts throughout our university paid off.  We are very blessed to have an outstanding faculty and staff who truly made this achievement possible," he added.

Another set of numbers that brings joy to Drake, Oliver and the rest of the CMU campus community involves on-campus housing. CMU has invested substantially in residence hall upgrades over the past several summers, and the results are more than encouraging.

A record 721 students are living in CMU residence halls, eclipsing the previous standard by 33 students set in 2010. This fall, 7.3 percent more students are living in CMU housing than at the same time last year.

"At Central, we proudly proclaim that we are a teaching university," Drake said. "We believe in our ability to transform lives. Most importantly, we believe in our students."

Final overall enrollment figures, which will include CMU's robust College of Graduate and Extended Studies (off-campus, online, and high school dual credit students), won't be finalized until sometime in October.


Posted August 26, 2014