Honors Go To CMU Students

Awards from English, Religion departments

The end of the academic year at Central Methodist University is a time to celebrate, including the presentation of student awards within the CMU English, Foreign Languages, Philosophy and Religion division.

Both the Religion and the English departments have announced their award recipients for 2012-13, according to Dr. John Porter, division chair.

The Humanities department gave out its Inscape awards recently. Inscape, CMU's magazine of the arts, has been published annually each spring since it was founded in 1975. It provides a creative venue for the poetry, prose, and artwork of students, faculty, and staff.

The Gordon Hadfield Award for Poetry was awarded to junior English major Joe Jefferies of Columbia. The Kilgore Trout Award for Fiction went to Jane Gonzalez-Meyer, a senior English major from Mexico. The Thomas F. Dillingham Award for Non-Fiction Prose was presented to Jamie Ward, a freshman pre-major student from Lee's Summit.

Eileen Stacy, a senior psychology major from Ashland, was recipient of the Byrd Cooper Kirby Award. Another Ashland senior, Jessica Travlos, gained the Elizabeth Stapleton Award in Art Education.

The Religion department at CMU named two award winners this year. Kayla Kelly, a senior from Pleasant Hill majoring in religion, received the T. Cecil Swackhamer Award. Molly Bryant was named winner of the Hern Award for Excellence in Religious Studies; she is a senior from Holden majoring in religion.

Three students were inducted into the CMU chapter of Theta Alpha Kappa, the national honor society for religious studies and theology. The inductees were Molly Bryant, Kayla Kelly, and Nathan Adair, a senior from Wright City majoring in political science.

Adair also received the Theta Alpha Kappa student achievement award for CMU's chapter, according to its faculty advisor Dr. Daryl Jefferies, associate professor of religion at CMU.


Originally posted May 17, 2013


Posted July 16, 2013