Upcoming Conservatory Events

All events are subject to change. Please contact Lynette Beeler, 660-248-6317 to confirm dates, times, and venues.

3 4:00 pm Concert Band Home Concert Linn Memorial
8 7:30 pm American Music Recital Linn Memorial
10 4:00 pm Junior Recital: DaSean Stokes, tenor; Senior Recital: Kyle Branson Kountz Recital Hall
16 7:30 pm Dr. Susan Quigley-Duggan, soprano Kountz Recital Hall
17 4:00 pm Junior Recital: Aiden Smith and friends Kountz Recital Hall
18 7:30 pm Church Street Boys & Trumpet Ensemble Linn Memorial
22 7:30 pm Swinney Sisters and Jazz Combos Linn Memorial
24 4:00 pm Senior Recital:  Levi Gerke, baritone Kountz Recital Hall
25 6:30 pm Vocal Master Class: Anne Harrell Kountz Recital Hall
26 10:00 am Flute Master Class: Ann Choomack Kountz Recital Hall
28 7:30 pm University Band Concert Linn Memorial
1 4:30 pm Choir Concert Linn Memorial
3 7:30 pm Jazz Band Concert Linn Memorial
8 4:00 pm Concert Band Concert Linn Memorial
8 6:30 pm Fine Arts Celebration Linn Memorial
8   Band Day