Hall of Sponsors and Endowed Scholarships

Hall of Sponsors and Endowed Scholarships underwrite most of the Financial Aid that CMU awards. The generosity of alumni, friends and churches allows Central the opportunity to offer aid to many of our students. Central is committed to serving promising students regardless of monetary means. Our Hall of Sponsors and Endowed Scholarship programs enable talented young people to benefit from unique educational experiences at Central Methodist University.

Written notification of both Endowed and Hall of Sponsors awards are sent to both scholarship recipients and donors. This scholarship aid underwrites a portion of the financial assistance being received from Central. It does not change the amount of that aid. Recipients are required to write a thank-you note to their donors, including some personal information such as hometown, family, hobbies, major, classes, organizations, CMU news, etc.

A Hall of Sponsors Scholarship usually carries the name(s) of the donor(s), but can also carry the name of another person the donor may wish to honor or commemorate. Unlike the Endowed Scholarships, the CMU Hall of Sponsors Scholarships includes a photo gallery of both donors and current recipients in Brannock Hall. An 11x14 framed portrait of the donor(s) is displayed adjacent to a 5x7 portrait of the current corresponding Hall of Sponsors recipient. University Public Relations staff take student photos for the gallery at both Orientation as well as Verification. In the event a student is unable to have their photo taken during these opportunities, they may schedule an appointment with the Office of Marketing Communications by phone at 660-248-6391 to have a photo taken during normal business hours. Students are encouraged to have their photos taken as soon as possible so the Gallery can be updated. Donors and visitors alike enjoy viewing the photos during visits to campus. A map of the photos in the Gallery is available in the Office of Advancement.


Students who receive these distinguished awards are expected to follow the guidelines listed below:

  1. Award letter issued from the Office of Advancement along with Tips for Writing to Your Sponsor.
  2. Using the contact information provided on the award letter from the Office of Advancement, the recipient writes and mails a thank you note to donor(s).
  3. Recipient must send copy of letter to donor to the Office of Advancement either by email at dtrimble@centralmethodist.edu or via snail mail to:
    Office of Advancement
    411 Central Methodist Square
    Fayette, MO 65248
  4. Hall of Sponsors Scholarship recipients only - Recipient must have photo taken by Public Relations Office either at Orientation, Verification or they must stop by the Office of Marketing Communications, third floor, Brannock Hall, during normal business hours. To schedule an appointment with the Office of Marketing Communications you may call 660-248-6232 or email at dtrimble@centralmethodist.edu.

For further information, contact Daytha Trimble toll free at 877-CMU-1854 Ext. 56278 or via email at dtrimble@centralmethodist.edu.