Missouri United Methodist Ministers Database


Burtner, Hugh  
Burtner, Charlotte  
Burton, Austin  
Burton, Charles Shrum  
Burton, Clarence  
Burton, Edwin Eugene  
Burton, Frank M  
Burton, Homer E  
Burton, J E  
Burton, Joshua S  
Burton, Thomas Daniel  
Busby, John Young  
Busby, John Y.  
Bush, Charles Cecil  
Bushong, James W  
Bushy or Bushey, George W  
Butler, Leland Everette  
Butler, Madison H  
Butler, Rufus S  
Butler, T C  
Butram, William  
Butts, H D  
Butts, Ramon C  
Butts, William J JR  
Butts, William Roy  
Butts, William S  
Buurman, Lambertus  
Bynum, Bennett Williams  
Bynum, William M  
Byrd, Charles Andrew  
Byrd, Clyde E  
Byrd, E C  
Byrd, William A  
Byrd, E E  
Byrd, Masse  
Byrne, F H  
Caddell, Louis Hughes  
Cadwell, William T  
Cagle, Claude A  
Cagle, Lemuel Thelbert  
Cain, Powell M  
Cain, Jefferson D  
Calame, Harry Franklin  
Caldwell, Alexander  
Caldwell, Charles Walter  
Caldwell, James Polk  
Caldwell, W S  
Calfee, F W  
Call, Frank  
Callan, Michael J  
Callihan, James M  
Callihan, Martin  
Calloway, James B  
Calloway, R K  
Calvert, Thomas M  
Cambric, Courtland  
Cameron, I M  
Cameron, Irvine E Turner  
Camp, William F  
Camp, Frank W P  
Camp, Harold E  
Campbell, A B  
Campbell, C W  
Campbell, Win  
Campbell, Arthur  
Campbell, C D N  
Campbell, Charles Bernard  
Campbell, Jerry Max  
Campbell, John  
Campbell, John R  
Campbell, Leanne Croome  
Campbell, Nickolas Joseph  
Campbell, Robert Bruce  
Campbell, Robert Flemon  
Campbell, Stephen B  
Campbell, Steven Gene  
Campbell, W C  
Campbell, Wiliam  
Campbell, Elza Vernon  
Campbell, Harrison M  
Campbell, Homer U  
Campbell, Homer Ulysses  
Campbell, F N  
Campbell, J B  
Campbell, C. B.  
Campbell, Steven Dale  
Campbell, Max Vernon  
Canady, T. A.  
Canifax, W J  
Cannada, Kenneth D  
Cannaday, D E  
Cannell, E W  
Cannon, Evangeline Mae  
Cannon, Joseph T  
Cansler, Ronald Lee  
Canterbury, Milton  
Capell, Daniel S  
Capers, Thomas H  
Caples, William Goff  
Caples, William Patton  
Capp, Erasmus Marion  
Carden, J J  
Carden, H G  
Carden Jr, George A  
Carder, Lemuel O  
Carder, Okey Johnson  
Carder, Jesse O  
Cardle, L N  
Cardwell, William T  
Cardwell, Richard Wilson  
Carhart, W W  
Carico, Josiah  
Carleton, Eliza Ann  
Carlile, William N  
Carlisle, Willis  
Carlisle, Stewart H  
Carlos, Charles R  
Carlsen, Carl  
Carlson, G W  
Carlton, O R  
Carlyle, Elmore  
Carlyon, Richard  
Carmichael, Harry G  
Carmichael, Harry G.  
Carnes, Jehu  
Carnes, William Price  
Carnett, J E  
Carnett, James T  
Carnett, William  
Carney, Jesse C  
Carothers, Samuel  
Carpenter, Albert M  
Carpenter, Cyrus E  
Carpenter, J W  
Carpenter, Lewis B  
Carpenter, Lewis Reese  
Carpenter, Richard Curtis  
Carpenter, Robert Buford  
Carpenter, W F  
Carpenter, W J  
Carpenter, R E  
Carr, N N  
Carrico, W B  
Carrico, Josiah  
Carrigan, Robert L  
Carrington, E T  
Carroll, P P  
Carry, Gerald Earl  
Carson, Amos Edgar  
Carson, Clifford Leroy  
Carson, E A  
Carter, Jacob  
Carter, James Allen  
Carter, Joseph McKendree  
Carter, Marcus E  
Carter, V S  
Carter, Boyd  
Carter, I M  
Carter, C M  
Carwell, Fred W  
Casady, Robert Leddin  
Case, William Flavius  
Caseley, C W  
Caseley, Aubrey F  
Caskey, John F  
Cassad, A W  
Cassavant, Henry B  
Cassidy , Carlton Sr. D  
Casteel, Frederick B  
Casteel, Micah  
Castel, James Alexander  
Castleman, Abraham  
Cater, Elijah B  
Cater, W D  
Cater, J Will  
Catlin, S J  
Cato, Cornelius C  
Cato, Isaac  
Cattell, H Reginald  
Caughlan, John Wesley  
Caughlan, John Will  
Caughlan, Nathaniel Lyon  
Caughlin, David  
Cavitt, John  
Cayton, Samuel P  
Cecil, Andrew Jackson  
Chaffin, John  
Chamberlain, David  
Chamberlain, J K  
Chamberlin, W H  
Chancbaum, E W  
Chandler, Thomas W  
Chapler, Charles Elmer  
Chapman, Floyd Richard  
Chapman, Mark Boatner  
Chapman, Steven Floyd  
Chapman, Thomas C  
Chapman, William Asbury  
Chappell, William C  
Chappell, Charles Jacob  
Chappell, W Floyd  
Chappell, C P  
Chappell, E. B.  
Charlton, James M  
Chase, Joseph  
Chase, Charles Jerome  
Chase, Noel Gordon  
Chasteen, N Clinton  
Chasteen, Comodore F  
Chatten, Irvin  
Chatten, William Kermard  
Cheene, Elijah  
Cheffey, Charles Benjamin  
Cherry, Elijah  
Chesteene, Virgil  
Chevalley, Augustus H  
Chevalley, Frederick L  
Chew, R F  
Chilcutt, E W  
Childs, Wilfred H  
Chisolm, J C  
Chivington, Isaac  
Chivington, John M  
Christian, Edward J  
Christian, Georgianne L  
Christy, William Blackstone  
Church, J O  
Claiborn, Ousley  
Clair, Matthew W JR  
Clanton, Thomas D  
Clanton, Drury  
Clapp, E B  
Clardy, A R  
Clark, B F  
Clark, Charles George JR  
Clark, Charles N  
Clark, Elmer T  
Clark, G P  
Clark, Thomas A  
Clark, James M  
Clark, Jane V  
Clark, John  
Clark, Clyde S  
Clark, G T  
Clark, L M  
Clark, A  
Clark, John J  
Clark, Lester Fox  
Clark, Ralph LeRoy  
Clark, Thomas  
Clark, Vestal Clyde  
Clark, Wesley J  
Clark, Charles Chester  
Claughton, R A  
Clawson, Michael A  
Clay, Alfred  
Clay, L L  
Clay, William W  
Clay, B F  
Claypool, Earnest V  
Clayton, Ronnie Lee  
Clayton, J B  
Clayton, Pettis O  
Clayton, S P  
Clayton, Thomas Horne  
Clayton, William Francis  
Cleaveland, Columbus C  
Cleaver, Emanuel  
Cleaves, James Hamilton  
Clemans, Richard Louis  
Clemens, A C  
Clendening, Alonzo Cuthbert  
Clifford, Alonzo J  
Cline, B F  
Cline, William Thomas  
Clingenpeel, Clarence  
Clinton, William G  
Clinton, George H  
Cloninger, G O  
Cloninger, Fred M  
Cloud, Nolan L  
Coater, Phil C  
Coats, Earl Melben  
Coats, Jimmy D  
Cobb, Henry Irving  
Cobb, Thomas M  
Cobb, Tobias Peter  
Cobb, William Benson  
Cochran, Francis S  
Cockrill, Horace B  
Coen, Amos  
Coffelt, Theodore A  
Coffelt, Wyatt  
Coffman, Andrew B  
Coffman, Gilmore Lee  
Coffman, Harold Gordon  
Coghlin, David  
Cogswell, Alan Dale  
Cokely, John J  
Coker, Ashley Stanfield  
Colbert, George A  

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