Missouri United Methodist Ministers Database


Webdell, Charles Wesley  
Weber, Fred Joseph  
Webster, Charles S  
Webster, David Marlen  
Webster, Ebenezer T  
Webster, Henry W  
Webster, D H  
Weed, Hary R SR  
Weeks, Gregory Michael  
Weeks, H F  
Weems, Silas Lee  
Weems, John Mandville  
Wehrman, C  
Weiffenbach, Eugene Frederick  
Weir, B J  
Weir, G W  
Weir, John  
Weiss, Edwin J  
Welborn, Smith Gambrel  
Welch, Charles Webster  
Welch, John  
Welch, John Allen  
Welch, Peyton  
Welch, Charles Franklin  
Welden, Zachariah  
Weldon, Z  
Weldon, L F  
Weller, Zacheus S  
Wells, Edgar O  
Wells, M F  
Wells, Martin  
Wells, Eli P F  
Wells, Fletcher  
Wells, Fletcher  
Wells, George Andrew  
Wells, Gladstone E  
Wells, Larry Robert  
Welsh, Warren Sedgwick  
Welton, William H  
Wendleton, David Henry  
Wendt, W R  
Wentz, William S  
Werlein, S H  
Werner, Charles  
Werner, Charles H  
West, Asa D  
West, Brenda Goodrum  
West, James Edward  
West, John Arthur  
West, Jonathan R  
West, M A  
West, Melvin Ezell  
Wester, Mary  
Westerman, J A  
Westerman, N  
Westlake, William C  
Weston, Lawson Willard  
Westphal, Leonard Henry  
Wetherell, Willard Eugene  
Wetzel, Reuben Meyer  
Weyand, Enoch S  
Whaley, Ennis M  
Whaley, Harold Barton  
Whaley, Quinctius E  
Whaley, R M  
Wharry, Fore C  
Wharton, Charles E  
Wharton, Hollis Rhodes  
Wharton, John W  
Wharton, Warren  
Whatacre, Carl L  
Wheadon, Aquilla  
Wheary, John  
Wheat, George W  
Wheat, Thomas J  
Wheeler, Jesse Vernon  
Wheeler, Jonathan M  
Wheeler, Thomas  
Wheeler, Thomas S  
Wheeler, Lawrence E  
Wheeler, Thomas W  
Wheeler, William  
Wheeler, William Benjamin  
Wheeler, William H  
White, F  
White, G C  
White, I F  
White, Robert J  
White, A C  
White, Admiral  
White, Benjamin Porter  
White, Edwin H  
White, Elias  
White, Hubbard M  
White, H M  
White, H S  
White, Harry  
White, Herbert C  
White, Isaac N  
White, J R  
White, L P  
White, R T  
White, John Wesley  
White, Michael Killian  
White, Paul Edward  
White, Richard Converse  
White, Robert  
White, Ronald Clayton  
White, Victor O  
White, W E  
White, William Kelsey  
White, Admiral  
White, T  
Whitehead, Harry  
Whitehead, Samuel  
Whiteley, Joseph  
Whitely, John R  
Whiteside, Leroy Allen  
Whiteside, Warren T  
Whitesides, Jacob  
Whitley, John G  
Whitman, James Henry  
Whitmer, N A  
Whitmer, W A  
Whitmore, W H  
Whitney, Stuart Edward  
Whitten, R G  
Whitten, William S  
Whittier, Peter Clements  
Whittle, Paul Outler  
Whitworth, J O  
Wicks, Crystal L  
Wideman, Lee James  
Widmann, Gottlieb  
Wiecking, J Tracy  
Wienand, Clarence H  
Wiggs, Glen Franklin  
Wilbanks, Jesse Payton  
Wilbanks, Prentice H  
Wilber, H N  
Wilburn, J B  
Wilcox, Edmund  
Wilcox, John S  
Wilcoxon, William Jefferson  
Wiles, L B  
Wiley, Lysander  
Wiley, Melville  
Wiley, William Francis  
Wiley, William H  
Wilhelmi, John P  
Wilkening, William  
Wilkerson, W J  
Wilkinson, Richard  
Willard, L M  
Willer, Jerry Lee  
Williams, A J  
Williams, A Cecil  
Williams, Addison C  
Williams, Adonijah  
Williams, E S  
Williams, Eli  
Williams, F M  
Williams, Forrest Bodkin  
Williams, G W  
Williams, H C  
Williams, S W  
Williams, Ira  
Williams, J C  
Williams, J E  
Williams, J Ellis  
Williams, James  
Williams, John C  
Williams, Joseph  
Williams, Joseph  
Williams, Justinian  
Williams, Keith Davies  
Williams, Leonard A  
Williams, Luke  
Williams, M G  
Williams, M L  
Williams, Marvin Vincil  
Williams, Oliver  
Williams, R G  
Williams, Richard O  
Williams, Robert J  
Williams, Ronald James  
Williams, Samuel Marvin  
Williams, Silas  
Williams, Thomas  
Williams, Thomas H  
Williams, Thomas J  
Williams, W M  
Williams, Wilbur Garrettson  
Williams, William Arthur  
Williams, William H  
Williams, Zachariah Mitchell  
Williams, C M  
Williams, Charles F  
Williamson, Aaron G  
Williamson, M M  
Williamson, George H  
Williamson, Myers Elmer  
Williamson, William  
Willis, Boytt B  
Willis, Dennis Michael  
Willis, Jesse James  
Willis, Raymond Earl  
Willm, August C JR  
Willoughby, J C  
Wills, John C  
Willson, Benjamin F  
Willson, Robert J  
Wilsey, Bennie Jerome  
Wilson, B H  
Wilson, Asa B  
Wilson, G M  
Wilson, William T  
Wilson, George  
Wilson, James  
Wilson, James E  
Wilson, John Glasgow  
Wilson, John Sebastian  
Wilson, Joseph A  
Wilson, Omar J  
Wilson, Robert H  
Wilson, Roy Wayne  
Wilson, W W  
Wilson, Walter W  
Wilson, Wilbur A  
Wilson, William B  
Wilson, William E  
Wilson, William P  
Wilson, W E  
Wilson, W J  
Wilson, Ira  
Wilson, John A  
Wilson, S L  
Wiltsee, Herbert Thaddeus  
Wimberly, C F  
Windbigler, Jasper  
Wingate, Roy M  
Winger, Robert Glenn  
Winkler, J M  
Winn, H A  
Winn, J  
Winney, Trevor J  
Winstead, John Taylor  
Winter, F Hauser  
Winter, Louis H H  
Winter, William  
Winters, Nathan  
Winton, George B  
Winton, George Marvin  
Winton, George Mitchell  
Winton, James Braxton  
Winton, James Fielding  
Winton, John D  
Winton, William Harvey  
Wippermann, F H  
Wiseman, William C  
Witham, Joseph Albert  
Witten, James  
Witten, Livingston M  
Witten, Robert R  
Witthaus, George D  
Wods, Charles Carroll  
Woestemeyer, George H  
Wofford, Clinton Frie  
Wohlfarth, Jordan F  
Wolcott, Thomas  
Wolf, John R  
Wolfe, J J  
Wolfe, John H  
Wolfe, Loren J  
Wolfe, William Henry  
Wolfe, E K  
Wolff, Benjamin V  
Wolff, Morton Monroe  
Wolff, Theodore Henry  
Wolfolk, Walter  
Womack, Milus  
Wood, Charles  
Wood, Charles Newton  
Wood, Howard Alexander  
Wood, James Andrew  
Wood, James B P  
Wood, John David  
Wood, Jonathan  
Wood, Romaine B  
Wood, Thomas P  
Wood, John L  
Wood, John Lyle  
Wood, Merle Stanley  
Wood, Milton B  
Wood, Norton E  
Wood, Ralph Edward  
Wood, Ronald Everette JR  
Wood, Stephen S  
Wood, William F  
Wood, William Milhollen  
Wood, B B  

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