Missouri United Methodist Ministers Database


Colbert, George A  
Colburn, Richard Ferdinand  
Colburn, Samuel S  
Colder, R M  
Cole, Elbert Carl JR  
Cole, Gene Edward  
Cole, James Preston  
Cole, McKendree L  
Cole, S E  
Cole, Samuel Walton  
Cole, Winfred B  
Cole, Dennis C  
Cole, E O  
Cole, W Leo E  
Coleburn, Richard F.  
Coleman, Anthony  
Coleman, William C  
Collett, Charles William  
Colley, W N  
Collins, J A  
Collins, Robert H  
Collins, William Kendal  
Collins, H B  
Collins, John M  
Collins, LeRoy J  
Collins, Paul C  
Colton, Addison P  
Colville, Cleo Robert  
Combs, M J  
Combs, Madison  
Combs, Richard Lee  
Comer, Joseph Alvin  
Comer, William Henry  
Comfort, Silas  
Compton, W F  
Compton, Wade Stewart  
Condo, Eli E  
Conklin, John L  
Conklin, Lafayette Elliott  
Conkwright, John  
Conley, J A  
Conn, Richard P  
Connelly, Roger Leroy  
Connelly, R L  
Conner, Earl Henderson  
Conner, Elijah  
Conner, Howard E  
Conner, William S  
Connoway, George W  
Connwell, William T  
Conrad, Henry  
Conrad, William  
Conry, H W  
Conwell, William C  
Conwell, W. T.  
Cook, Donald Henry  
Cook, Elijah  
Cook, Harry M  
Cook, John D  
Cook, John W  
Cook, Donald W  
Cook, Ed F  
Cook, Hiram W  
Cook, Priam B  
Cool, Peter A.  
Cooley, Elmer Fletcher  
Cooney, Jonathan Dee  
Cooney, Jerald Thomas  
Coons, C E  
Coontz, John Walker  
Cooper, Charles S  
Cooper, Dustin Lee  
Cooper, F M  
Cooper, G C  
Cooper, James E  
Cooper, L W  
Cooper, Louis M  
Cooper, Marshall M  
Cooper, Rice Harris  
Cooper, B R  
Cooper, Clyde L  
Cooper, D B  
Cooper, Daniel  
Cooper, Francis M  
Cooper, Joseph Rhodes  
Cope, H Gaylan  
Cope, Samuel Wright  
Copeland, Howard DeLoss  
Copeland, James  
Copeland, Theodore  
Copeland, Jesse Jackson  
Copher, Charles  
Coppage, John Oscar  
Corbin, Harry E  
Corbin, Jimmie Edward  
Cord, John  
Cordle, L N  
Cordray, Nathan  
Core, Robert W  
Corey, Reuben P  
Coriell, Clyde Ray  
Cork, F P  
Corkhill, C E  
Corkill, Thomas H  
Corkran, Francis Saulsbury  
Cornelius, Olin  
Cornwell, Lewis  
Corrington, James Fletcher  
Corvey, Larkin William  
Cosmos, M J  
Cosper, George H  
Coss, J C  
Cossey, Oren Dale  
Cotter, P C  
Cotton, Carleton T  
Cotton, Joseph  
Couch, Loyd K  
Couden, W Harrison  
Court, William  
Courtney, William Stephen  
Covey, Samuel  
Covington, T A  
Cowan, William G  
Cowan, Freda  
Cowart, W C  
Cowden, James William  
Cowden, John M  
Cowen, Howard Albert  
Cowert, F R  
Cowgill, George Wiley  
Cowles, Oliver J  
Cox, Aras Bishop  
Cox, Irl  
Cox, Hallie Nancy  
Cox, J S  
Cox, T J  
Cox, Jacob  
Cox, John Elisha  
Cox, John H  
Cox, Stephen Lynn  
Cox, W J  
Cox, Henry  
Cox, Gilbert S  
Cox, William D  
Cox, William E  
Cox, William James  
Cox, William  
Cox, William Russell  
Craft, Denis Ray  
Craft, Jesse  
Craft, T G  
Cragg, Beryl Dean  
Craig, Henry Hannan  
Craig, Clyde Allen  
Craig, John O  
Craig, W E  
Craig, J G  
Craig, O C  
Crampton, Henry  
Crandall, Andrew J  
Crandall, Claude H Sr  
Crandall, J T  
Crane, Cabel  
Crane, Isaac R  
Crane, John  
Crane, William  
Crank, L P  
Cranston, Earl  
Crary, Benjamin Franklin  
Crater, Sandra  
Craven, John Wesley  
Craven, T G or L  
Craven, J A  
Craven, J S  
Craven, Wesley Reader  
Cravens, Johnson  
Crawford, Henry W  
Crawford, James Edward  
Crawford, William Estel  
Creamer, Wesley Monroe  
Creighton, J B  
Crenshaw, John Clarence  
Crepin, Ernest  
Cresap, Sanford Preston  
Crews, Charles D  
Crichlow, J Wilson  
Crickette, C C  
Crippin, A M  
Criss, Curtis Vance  
Criss, J R  
Crissman, B Frank  
Crissman, Benjamin Frank  
Critchfield, A  
Crithfield, Joshua  
Crockett, Charles H  
Crockett, Charles Ogden  
Crockett, Clifton B  
Croffit, David  
Croft, Albert J  
Croft, Joseph C  
Cronce, A R  
Crook, Thomas H  
Crook, W E  
Crook, Griffith L R  
Crook, William Estes  
Crooks, Ezra Breckenridge  
Crosby, Bryan McKinley  
Crosby, Bryan McKinnley  
Crosby, Richard  
Cross, John Clovis  
Cross, William Martin  
Cross, William O  
Crossgrove, Roger L  
Crow, David W  
Crow, Eugene  
Crow, Price A  
Crowder, J W  
Crowder, R H  
Crowe, Charles M  
Crowe, Fletcher Standefer  
Crowe, Henry Pleasant  
Crowe, John H  
Crowe, Mansfield Fenton  
Croy, Edwin W  
Crum, William Harrison  
Crum, Harry  
Crump, A W  
Crutchfield, Madison  
Crutsinger, V M  
Cubit, Frank R  
Culbertson, Albert Beaureguard  
Culbreth, James Marvin  
Cullers, Noah Benjamin  
Culmer, Frederick A  
Culpepper, James Marion  
Culpepper, Marvin M  
Cumming, David Barkley  
Cumming, James Andrew  
Cumming, Jesse  
Cundiff, William Edgar  
Cunningham, David S SR  
Cunningham, Joel B  
Cunningham, John W  
Cunningham, Thomas  
Cunningham, William Henry  
Cunningham, Bert  
Cunningham, G E  
Cunningham, H A  
Cunningham, Murrell Thomas  
Cunningham, Marcus Earl  
Curiton, John  
Curl, Martin L  
Currin, Hugh W  
Curry, Calvin Plomer  
Curry, Richard  
Curtson, Gus  
Custer, Ruben W  
Custer, Ruben W.  
Cutrell, A J  
Cutter, W A  
Dabney, W S  
Dace, Jimmie Ray  
Daeschner, William Edward  
Dahlem, William August  
Dailey, James C  
Daily, W M  
Daily, Jerry Lee  
Dale, Raymond Minor  
Dalton, Henry  
Dalton, William Rex  
Daly, Lloyd Sterling  
Dalzell, J M  
Dameron, Rufus M  
Danford, Benjamin Maurice  
Daniel, Alfred Hobert  
Daniel, James Bowman  
Daniels, Minor  
Daniels, Thomas  
Danner, T W  
Dantzler, Printer  
Darby, Elijah F D  
Darby, James H  
Darby, Moses  
Darby, Robert E  
Darby, M L  
Daris, D R  
Darnell, William N  
Darnell, William W  
Darrow, Roland E  
Darter, Anthony William  
Daugherty, H A  
Daugherty, James Dale  
Daughtrey, Arthur Thomas  
Davenport, Claude M  
Davenport, J T  
Davenport, R J  
Davenport, Harry L  
Davenport, J D  
Davidson, James M  
Davidson, Roy E  
Davidson, Alexander B  

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