Missouri United Methodist Ministers Database

Welcome to the Missouri United Methodist Ministers database. This site has been created for searching the database of UM ministers and pastors on-line.

Abbott, G B  
Abernathy, Allen  
Abernathy, John Reagan  
Achard, Clemens A  
Achuff, W D Jr.  
Ackerman, Dennis L.  
Acres, John W.  
Acres, John W  
Acton, Henry L  
Ada, Boaz  
Adair, Robert Carman  
Adair, Ross Wesley  
Adams, C B  
Adams, J E  
Adams, L G  
Adams, Cecil Wheeler  
Adams, Eleazar Tarrant  
Adams, George F  
Adams, George Hamilton  
Adams, J H  
Adams, Jack L  
Adams, James Madison  
Adams, John Lee  
Adams, Lloyd Adrain  
Adams, Madison James  
Adams, O L  
Adams, Ola W  
Adams, Ruth  
Adams, Richard Dee  
Adams, Thomas Benjamin  
Adams, J. H.  
Adamson, Larkin  
Addicks, George B  
Addis, F D  
Adkinson, Patrick  
Adkisson, John W  
Adkisson, Milton  
Agee, Jacob  
Agee, James W  
Ahrens, Henry Friederich  
Ailor, Edgar Irvin  
Ailor, Laddie  
Akehurst, John  
Aker, Cecil Miller  
Aker, Grover C  
Akers, William Edward  
Akers, Peter  
Akers, Theodore Eugene  
Albright, Newell S  
Albright, Alex  
Albright, Louis  
Albright, Oliver W  
Albright, William H or A  
Alderman, James R  
Aldrich, M L  
Aldridge, L M  
Aldridge, Reuben  
Alexander, J T  
Alexander, James Columbus  
Alexander, James E  
Alexander, L M  
Alexander, R D  
Alexander, Samuel  
Alexander, Samuel A  
Alexander, Samuel G  
Alexander, W W  
Alexander, Warren D  
Alexander, William M  
Alexander, William Marvin  
Alexander, B W W  
Alexander, Dennis S  
Alexander, Wilham  
Alexander, Joseph Curtis  
Allbert, H Lee  
Allen, Calvin  
Allen, H C  
Allen, J T  
Allen, James S  
Allen, John S  
Allen, John W  
Allen, Joseph  
Allen, L E  
Allen, Lowell D  
Allen, O B  
Allen, Joseph S  
Allen, Robert A  
Allen, Robert Nirem  
Allen, William  
Allen, William Arden  
Allen, Ed  
Allen, Edward  
Allen, James  
Allen, William Henry  
Alleshouse, M L  
Allinger, Edward E  
Allison, Thomas Ashley  
Allsbury, Claude Z  
Allsbury, Roy  
Allwell, Patrick J  
Alpers, Henry  
Alsup, B F  
Althoff, Elmer L  
Alton, Benjamin Vancamp  
Alton, T W  
Alture, Ben V  
Amack, David  
Ament, Thomas  
Ames, Clair E  
Ames, Edward Raymond  
Ames, John Lee  
Amos, Abraham  
Anderson, Andrew  
Anderson, Isaac Newton  
Anderson, John  
Anderson, John A  
Anderson, Edgar T  
Anderson, Eli Powell  
Anderson, George R  
Anderson, George Wood  
Anderson, H L  
Anderson, James W  
Anderson, John  
Anderson, John Henry  
Anderson, L Vann Jr  
Anderson, Laban  
Anderson, Moses  
Anderson, W H  
Anderson, William F  
Anderson, Mills M  
Anderson, Stephen G  
Anderson, Terry Eugene  
Anderson, Thomas Hart  
Anderson, W R  
Anderson, Richard  
Andre, George  
Andrews, David Scott  
Andrews, Gideon T  
Andrews, Gideon T  
Andrews, H J  
Andrews, Herman Magnus  
Andrews, W W  
Andrews, Otis Gray  
Andrews, W F  
Angle, Charles B  
Anglen, Harry Post  
Anglin, Harvey S  
Anglin, Oscar  
Anglin, Eugene S  
Anthony, Edward  
Anthony, J N  
Anthony, John N  
Anthony, Manson R  
Anthony, Richard Lee  
Anthony, John N.  
Antle, Paul  
Appleby, A B  
Appleby, M  
Appleby, Mac  
Appling, John David  
Appling, Miles Phillip  
Arbaugh, Robert Newton  
Arehart, Charles  
Arington, Wesley Joseph  
Armentrout, Louis K  
Armitage, H K  
Armstrong, Annie S  
Armstrong, Arthur H  
Armstrong, Fred  
Armstrong, William Perry  
Armstrong, J. O.  
Armstrong, William Perry  
Arnest, Joseph Nicholson  
Arnhold, Thomas E  
Arnold, Wilson  
Arnold, John L  
Arnold, Mosby  
Aronhalt, Dale Bay  
Arright, Antonia  
Arrington, Alfred W  
Arrington, C  
Arrington, Marcus Stringfield  
Asbury, William Samuel  
Ash, Joe  
Ash, George O  
Ashbaugh, Hugh H  
Ashbey, T T  
Ashby, Benjamin S  
Ashby, B S  
Ashby, William B  
Ashley, John  
Ashley, G T  
Ashton, Cyrill  
Asling, Edward T  
Asling, John H  
Aspley, Lucilius Franklin  
Aspley, Samuel  
Atchison, F G  
Atchison, Theophelius G  
Atherton, John  
Atkins, Clarence Eugene  
Atkinson, Louis  
Atkinson, Earnest  
Atkinson, R W  
Atkisson, H W  
Atterbery, Squire Wesley  
Attix, Kenneth Wayne  
Atwood, Judith K.  
Aubuchon, Sterling Ross  
Auld, John T  
Auld, Nelson A  
Auner, Orval Marion  
Austermann, Fred H  
Austin, J D  
Austin, Robert Archibald  
Avant, Frederick D  
Avent, William  
Ayers, Thomas C  
Ayres, S M  
Ayres, Daniel  
Baab, Emil H  
Baab, Justus  
Babbitt, Benjamin  
Babbitt, Homer A  
Babcock, Charles  
Babcock, Thomas J  
Babcock, William Ray  
Bacon, Alfred S  
Badgley, Roy J  
Baenzinger, Carl P  
Baggett, Adam M  
Bahrenburg, Martin V  
Bailey, A V  
Bailey, Fred Mark  
Bailey, William S.  
Bain, James W  
Bain, J C  
Bain, DR G W  
Bainbridge, James T  
Baines, Matthew  
Baird, A  
Baird, Edward Huston  
Baird, Samuel  
Baird, W C  
Baker, Albert C  
Baker, Calton  
Baker, Calvin  
Baker, Charles Elmer  
Baker, Charles R  
Baker, Chamberlain James  
Baker, Charles R  
Baker, Clarke  
Baker, John Joseph  
Baker, Danny Paul  
Baker, Ernest Delbert  
Baker, Hanson  
Baker, J Frank  
Baker, Dr Job McNamee  
Baker, James E  
Baker, Frank J  
Baker, James Franklin  
Baker, Jesse E  
Baker, Robert  
Baker, Robert Miles  
Baker, Ward McKim  
Baker, William  
Baker, William Francis  
Baker, William Frank  
Baker, Job M.  
Baker, W. F.  
Baker, James Chamberlain  
Balcke, Frederick William  
Balcke, Henry  
Baldridge, Albert S j  
Baldwin, R R  
Baldwin, Emma J  
Baldwin, Glen A  
Baldwin, James S  
Baldwin, John  
Baldwin, Lewis  
Baldwin, Carl A  
Baldwin, J C  
Baldwin, L E  
Ball, Albert D  
Ball, G W  
Ball, J H  
Ball, F E  
Ballaine, Francis  
Ballard, Arthur W Sr.  
Ballard, J J  
Ballard, Jessee G  
Balson, Charles  
Bamford, C M  
Bamford, C M  
Bammam, William Dee  
Bandy, L A  
Bane, H J  
Banks, Clarence  
Bankson, James  
Barbard, Lyoyd  
Barbee, G W  
Barber, Alanson  

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