Kendal Clark

Assistant Professor of Physics

Phone 660-248-6383
Building Stedman Hall of Science
Employee Since 2012
Education BA-Physics & Mathematics
Central Methodist University
Fayette, MO
Ohio University
Athens, OH
  Ph.D-Electrical Engineering
Ohio University
Athens, OH
Publications Kendal W. Clark, Energy Gap Induced by Friedel Oscillations Manifested as Transport Asymmetry at Monolayer-Bilayer Graphene Boundaries. Phys. Rev. X. 4, 011021 (2014) Kendal W. Clark, Spatially Resolved Mapping of Electrical Conductivity across Individual Domain (Grain) Boundaries in Graphene. ACS Nano. 7 (9), pp 7956 7966 (2013). Kendal W Clark, Nanoscale Periodic Modulations on Sodium Chloride Surface Revealed by Tuning Fork Atomic Force Microscopy, Nanotechnology 23 185306 (2012). K. Clark, Superconductivity in Just Four Pairs of (BETS)2-GaCl4 Molecules, Nature Nanotechnology. 5, 261-265 (2010).
Hobbies Research Interests: Micro and Nanoscale electronic systems and Scanning Probe Microscopes (STM and AFM).

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