Central Methodist University classes at North Central Missouri College are flexible to accommodate the work and personal schedules of students. Staff are available to assist students enrolled in CMU courses and provide information about courses and degree programs.

Courses are primarily designed for students who have already completed a two-year college degree, or degree at the associate's level, and who wish to complete requirements for a baccalaureate, or four-year, college degree. Courses are also appropriate for students not desiring to fulfill requirements for a four-year degree but who are interested in personal or professional enrichment or growth.


CMU's Early Childhood Education program is available in Trenton, fall 2014.


Contact Information:

WaldSandra Wald
Assistant Dean
660-248-6378 or 573-447-3311
Responsibilities: create course schedules and calendars, hiring, evaluations, budgeting, assisting faculty, advising students, answering questions about CMU programs, general oversight

AimeeAimee Sage
Director of Admissions, CGES
Responsibilities: general Admissions, application and registration information, and student advising.