Accelerated Nursing - Curriculum Plan

Year One

Term V
NU308-Health Assessment (4 hours)
NU307-Adaptation Nursing Applications (5 hours)
Total: 9 hours

Term I
NU461-Gerontology (3 hours) +
NU309-Psychosocial Integrity (3 hours)
NU304-Nursing Research (2 hours) +
Total: 8 hours

Term II
NU312-Pharmacology I (2 hours)
NU322-Maternal/Child Nursing (4 hours)
NU321-Public Health and Community Nursing Concepts (3 hours)
Total: 9 hours

Term III
NU313-Pharmacology II (2 hours)
NU334-Evidence Based Adaptation Nursing I (8 hours)
Total: 10 hours

Term IV
NU434-Evidence Based Adaptation Nursing II (8 hours)
NU456-Leadership and Management (3 hours) +
Total: 11 hours


Year Two

Term V
+NU451-Concepts of Adaptation Nursing Practicum (6 hours)
+NU452-NCLEX Review (2 hours)
Total: 8 hours


Total program credit hours: 55


Pre-requisite courses for entrance into Accelerated BSN Program: Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Pathophysiology, College Algebra or Statistics

This plan will change depending on when a cohort begins.

+ Designates an online hybrid course.