The mathematics major is designed to prepare students to work in areas which require critical thinking skills and the ability to work with mathematical concepts. Students who complete a mathematics major at CMU are prepared to enter the job force in jobs requiring mathematical expertise and critical thinking skills, to attend graduate school in mathematics, statistics and/or engineering, and to teach mathematics in the middle and secondary grades.

Degrees Available:
Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

BA/BS in Mathematics with Certification to Teach Mathematics at the Secondary Level

BSE, with Certification in Middle School Math

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What skills and abilities do I need to excel in this degree?

Mathematics majors at Central Methodist University are students who enjoy working with numbers, looking for patterns, and manipulating mathematical symbols. They explore the beauty and rigor of mathematical concepts. They stretch their minds as they consider alternative geometries. They develop problem-solving strategies, which will serve them throughout life in all disciplines and all professions.

What I will learn?

Majors in Mathematics are proficient in undergraduate mathematics, able to think quantitatively, solve problems, communicate mathematically, make connections among the various branches of mathematics and to areas outside of mathematics, and apply their knowledge to real world applications.

What are some possible entry-level careers with a degree in this field?

A student who successfully completes a mathematics major at Central Methodist University is prepared to work in industry or to complete further study in engineering, in actuarial sciences, in statistics, or in specific areas of mathematics.

Many mathematics majors choose to minor in education in preparation to teach in middle and secondary schools. Mathematics education is presently undergoing exciting reforms. Mathematics education majors will find themselves on the cutting edge of this reform movement.