Associate of Arts in Physical Education - Min. 62 Hours

Common Core (28.5-29 Hours): See common core requirements


11.5-12 hours


1.5-2 hours


1 hour

Freshman Writing

3 hours (6 hours if taking EN110 & EN111)

Oral Communications

3 hours


3 hours (6 hours if taking MA101 & MA102)

Understanding Human Nature

13 hours


3 hours

Social Science with Constitution

3 hours


1 hour


3 hours

Valuing or Social Science: PY210 Educational Psychology required

3 hours

Exploring the Nature of the Universe

4 hours

Physical Science with Lab

4 hours

Tier Two: Additional General Education Requirements (12 Hours)

Humanities or Fine Arts

3 hours

Analytical Skills: ED122 Education Technology

2 hours

Social Sciences: PY223 Developmental Psychology required

3 hours

Biological Science with lab: BI106 Human Biology and BI106L

4 hours

Concentration in Early Childhood Education (22 Hours)

ED101 Introduction to Teaching (2)

ED102 Introduction to Teaching Practicum (1)

PESW101 Swimming (1)

PE120 Teaching Individual Sports Activities PK- Secondary (3)

PE202 Motor Learning and Motor Development (2)

PE203 Introduction to Strength and Conditioning (2)

PE210 Personal and Community Health (2)

PE211 Methods and Materials in Health Education (2)

PE212 First Aid/Community CPR (2)

PE216 Nutrition and Athletic Performance (3)

PE217 Foundations of Physical Education (2)

Electives (To complete Min. 62 Hours)

Recommended: PE322 Teaching Elementary School Physical Education or PY342/342 Psychology of the Exceptional Child and Practicum