Languages: Spanish, German, French

The department offers a major in Spanish and certification to teach Spanish. The major in Spanish is designed to develop the ability to read, speak, and write Spanish, and to introduce students to the literature and civilization of Spanish-speaking countries. Understanding Spanish is basic in certain careers that require fluency in the language and orientation to the culture of another country (such as international relations, export and import, branches of banking and transport, many civil service positions, teaching, and interpreting). This training also may be used in preparation for graduate and professional schools.

All students majoring in Spanish must pursue a study-abroad session in a country where that language is spoken as the native language. A study-abroad session is defined as a period which consists of a minimum of one summer session in which the student earns at least six semester hours of credit. A maximum session should not exceed 13 months. Although all hours taken in a study-abroad session will count toward the requirements for the baccalaureate degree, only 17 of those hours will count toward the 33-hour requirement for the major. Hours in excess of the 17 can be applied to other content areas where applicable. Students contemplating the pursuit of a study-abroad session must contact the department to obtain information pertaining to programs, financial assistance, and academic credit. The place(s) of study and type of program selected must be approved by the department. In rare instances, students may petition to replace the required study abroad with SP368 with permission of the Division Chair and the Dean of the University.

An exit/assessment exam (both oral and written) must be taken during the final semester of the student's course work.

The department also offers beginning and intermediate courses in French and German in alternate years.