Geology Classes

GL104 Biology of the Dinosaurs. 3 hours. A basic study of the dinosaurs, relationships to living animals and fossilized animals (taxonomy), feeding habits, food selection, habits, taphonomy (fossilization), external anatomy and physiology (especially metabolism, digestion and basic senses). Lecture only, with some hands-on studies. No prerequisite. Cross-listed with BI104. Normally offered in May Term.

GL105 Exploring Geology. 4 hours. (3 lecture/2 lab hours). This course introduces students to the science of geology.  Topics include the study of the origin of the earth, plate tectonics, volcanoes, weathering, metamorphism, geologic time, evolution, and the history of life on earth. Labs explore minerals, rocks, fossils, and the living organisms characteristic of different geologic ages. Spring.