Competency in written and oral communication and in reading is basic not only to effective civic responsibility and vocational success, but to the satisfactory pursuit of college studies.

The English major (or minor) at CMU will demonstrate that she or he has acquired knowledge of the history and development of anglophone literatures, both classic and modern; will demonstrate the ability to analyze and interpret literary texts, with awareness of the underlying assumptions that shape that understanding; will demonstrate the skills of drafting and revising a written text with a strong sense of organization, clarity, coherence, and style; will convey a deepened sense of the complexity and value of human life, as experienced through the literary arts and related areas of knowledge or creativity.  Demonstrated command of the essential and intertwined skills of critical reading and effective writing proves the English major's readiness for achievement in many areas—graduate school, law, medicine, business, journalism, and teaching.

CMU has a chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, a national honorary fraternity in English. (Advisor: Dr. John Porter)

CMU also has two pre-law chapters: Phi Alpha Delta is the national pre-law fraternity, and the Pre-Law Clubis for upperclassmen who plan to enter the law profession (advisor: Dr. John Carter).