BSE, Early Childhood Certification - Min. 124 Hours

Common Core: See Common Core requirements

Required Courses from General Education:

  • MA224 Mathematics for Elementary and Middle School Teachers (4)
  • Physical Science with a laboratory (4)                                           

Tier Two: Additional General Education Requirements (9 Hours)

Humanities or Fine Arts: AR186, AR188, MU188, or TA103

3 hours

Additional Science with Lab: Biological Science w/ lab (4)

4 hours

ED122 Education Technology

2 hours

Professional Education (25-28 Hours)

ED101   Introduction to Teaching (2)

ED102   Introduction to Teaching Practicum (1)

ED461   Early Childhood Student Teaching (5)

ED462   Student Teaching (8)

PY210   Educational Psychology (3)

PY223   Developmental Psychology (3)

PY342   Psychology of the Exceptional Child (2)

One (1) from the following:

ED452 Gen. Methods Early Childhood Teaching (1)

OR ED453 General Methods of Teaching (2)

Early Childhood Certification Birth—Grade 3 (48 Hours)

ED103   Child Development (2)

ED204   Utilizing Family and Comm. Resources (3)

ED206   Infant/Toddler Curriculum Methods & Materials (2)

ED207   Infant/Toddler Curriculum Methods & Materials Practicum (2)

ED264   Child Health (2)

ED303   Methods/Materials for Teaching Content Classes (3)

ED304   Methods & Materials for Teaching Content Classes Practicum (1)

ED308   Organization & Administration of Early Childhood Programs (Capstone) (3)

ED315   Reading and Writing with Young Children (4)

ED318   Reading Assessment and Instruction (3)

ED319   Reading Practicum (1)

ED324   Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Elementary/Middle School (3)

ED326   Children’s Literature (3)

ED327   Creative Arts (3)

ED329   Emergent Language (2)

ED330   Curriculum Methods and Materials in Early Childhood Education (2)

ED331   Curriculum Methods and Materials in Early Childhood Education Practicum (1)

ED332   Screening, Diagnosis, & Planning Instruction (2)

ED333   Screening, Diagnosis, and Planning Instruction Practicum (1)

ED337   Curriculum Development (2)

PY321   Family Relationships and Values (3)

Electives (To Complete Min. 124 Hours)