CMU-Prefix Classes

CMU101 Freshman Survival Skills. 1 hour. A First-year orientation class designed to orient the student to university life and discuss adaptations and skills necessary for success at the university level.

CMU102 Freshman Survival Skills II. 0.5 to 1 hour.The second part of the university orientation class, designed to prepare students for success by focusing on more discipline-specific issues.

CMU104 Study Strategies for Successful College Students. 2 hours. This course will help students develop the skills and strategies to be successful students who understand that they are responsible for their own college learning experience.

CMU201 Introduction to Leadership. 1 hour. This interdisciplinary course provides an introduction to leadership principles and theories using a combination of case studies, historical perspectives, and personal experience with effective leaders. By the end of the course, students should understand individual and group leadership issues and be able to identify personal leadership qualities to apply in their lives. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. ROTC students may substitute MSL220 and MSL222.

CMU301 Life After Graduation: From Backpack to Briefcase. 1 hour. This course is intended to prepare students for life after graduation, including the job search process, networking, professional etiquette, finding a place to live, finances and debt management, and insurance plans and taxes. Guest speakers and a field trip will be included in the course. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing. January and May only. Offered on demand.