Student Expenses

Central Methodist University is a private, not-for-profit, gift-supported institution, deriving no direct income from taxes or other public funds. Tuition and fees cover only part of the instructional costs each year, and the remainder of the operating budget is income from the Endowment Fund, as well as gifts of alumni, (business) corporations, The United Methodist Church, and other friends of the University.

The Board of Trustees of Central Methodist University reserves the right to change the fees listed in this catalog without notice should the situation warrant a change. However, such changes will not occur during the current year in which a student is in attendance.

Fall And Spring Semesters 2014-2015

Per Semester

Per Year

Tuition (12-18 Hours)


$ 21,100

Room and Board (average)

$ 3,565

$   7,130

Misc. Fees (average)

$   365

$     730



$ 28,960

January Term, May Term, and Summer Session 2015

Tuition (per credit Hour)

$ 200


Room* (May Term)                             

$ 250


Room* (5 weeks or 8 weeks)              

$ 400


               *A Board Plan is not provided during the Summer Session.


Tuition for Part-time or Audit Students

1-6 Semester Hours (per credit hour)


7-11 Semester Hours (per credit hour)


Overload Charge (per credit hour over 18 hours)


Howard County High School Students

(first class at half reg. tuition rate)

Graduate (M.Ed.) (per credit hour) 


Graduate (MME) (per credit hour)


Graduate (MSN) (per credit hour)


Graduate (MSCC) (per credit hour)


Undergraduate Online (per credit hour)


Undergraduate Online Service Fee (per online course)—applies only to students enrolled in 12 or more CLAS hours


Graduate Online (per credit hour)


CMU First Class (Dual Credit) (per credit hour)


Accelerated BSN (per credit hour)


Associate of Arts (Columbia, MO only) (per credit hour)


Miscellaneous Fees

Academic Classroom Assessment Fee (full-time students)

  • Part-time students per credit hour (non-refundable):  Covers updates to classrooms, including new equipment and technology


$9.25 (maximum of $110.00)

Art fee (per credit hour for AR116, AR121, AR130, AR186, and AR188)


Background Check (Education majors) (per transaction)


Career Center Service Fee (full-time students)

  • Part-time students per credit hour (non-refundable):  Covers use of Career Development Services, such as career expos, workshops, and counseling



$2.50 (maximum of $25.00)

CGES Student Service Fee (per credit hour)


Credit by Examination (per course)


Duplicate Diploma


Educational Resource Fee (full-time students)

  • Part-time students per credit hour (non-refundable):  Covers use of library, computer lab, printing, and internet


$10.00 (maximum of $120.00)

Graduation Fee (All graduates are required to pay this fee before graduation, for cap and gown and diploma, even if are not participating in the Commencement Exercises.)


Health Clinic Fee (full-time students)

  • Part-time students per credit hour (non-refundable):  Covers expenses of services provided at the health center



$2.50 (maximum of $30.00)

Liability Insurance for Athletic Training clinical rotations


May Term


Nursing Fees (approximate)

  • Junior year


  • Senior year


  • Preceptor Fee


  • Credit by Exam, Nursing Clinical Performance (per course)


Orientation Fee (all first-time freshmen)        


Parking Citations (per ticket)


Parking Permit, Student    

(No-charge tags are available just for the Sports Complex.)


Portfolio fee, Athletic Training major (one time)


Private Music Lessons (per semester)

  • One credit lesson


  • Two or three credit lesson (maximum)


Professional Memberships/ CMU Student AT fee


Residence Halls—Damage Deposit: (Students are liable for all breakage and damage to rooms, buildings, and furnishings.)


Returned Check


Science Laboratory Fee (per course): Applied to all science courses having a laboratory. Maximum of $100.00 per semester. Includes Computer Science.


Security Check and FBI Fingerprint Screening (Education)


Single Room Charge (per semester): Insofar as it is possible, the University will attempt to provide single rooms for those students wishing them.


Sports Medicine /Athletic Training Physical (per semester)


Student Government Fee (full-time students)


  • Part-time students per credit hour (non-refundable): Covers student activities, lecture and film series, and Collegian.

$6.00 (maximum $70.00 total)

Student Teaching Fee (per credit hour): Payable the semester of student teaching. (Courses for which the fee is charged are ED461, 1 hour; ED462, 8-10 hours; and ED 463, 1 hour.)


Summer Session


Transcript (per release) (Requests to the Registrar can be submitted online or in person and must be signed.)


  • Fax Fee


  • Priority mail

Add $20.00

  • Priority service

Add $15.00

Yearbook fee (full-time students)

  • Part-time students per credit hour (non-refundable):  Covers cost of yearbook



$1.00 (maximum of $10.00)


Payment Regulations

Fees and expenses are due and payable by the published due date; students will not be admitted to classes until arrangements concerning their settlement have been made at the Business Office. If financial obligations are not honored, the student will be denied certain university services (e.g., registration, transcripts, and food service). All payments not received within 10 days of the due date will be assessed a monthly late fee of 2% of balance.

Monthly payment options are available through NelNet. There are several payment plans available for the handling of student accounts. The total cost may be paid at the beginning of each semester. For more information about the payment plans, please write the Student Receivable Cashier, Central Methodist University, 411 Central Methodist Square, Fayette, MO 65248, or call (660) 248-6207.

Refunds and Withdrawal

A student who wishes to withdraw from the University must obtain a withdrawal form from the Director of Student Success in the Center for Learning and Teaching. It is the student's responsibility to see that this withdrawal form is completed and filed with the Director of Student Success or Hall Director. The form is NOT complete until it is returned to either the Director of Student Success or the Hall Director.  The form requires signed clearance from the Residence Hall Director, Library, Financial Assistance Office, Scholarship Coach or Director (music/athletics), Director of Student Success, and Business Office. When the completed withdrawal form, together with the student ID Card, is filed, the University will adjust tuition in accordance with the following refund schedule:

Fall and Spring semesters


  • Withdrawal first and second weeks

90% of tuition

  • Withdrawal third and fourth weeks

50% of tuition

  • Withdrawal fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth weeks

25% of tuition

  • After eighth week


May Term


  • Withdrawal first through fourth class days

50% of tuition

  • Withdrawal fifth through seventh class days

25% of tuition

  • After seventh day of classes


Summer semester


  • Withdrawal in first week

50% of tuition

  • Withdrawal in second week

25% of tuition

  • After second week



Board fees are refunded on a pro-rata basis. Room and incidental fees are non-refundable. Institutional financial aid will be charged back at the corresponding tuition refund percentage. Federal assistance will be refunded according to federal guidelines.

Student Accounts

Payments: Remittances should be addressed to the Cashier, Central Methodist University, 411 Central Methodist Square, Fayette, MO 65248. For questions, call (660) 248-6207.

Outstanding Accounts: Students who have outstanding accounts may not be allowed to take final examinations, to pre-register for the next semester, to have transcripts issued, to participate in commencement, or to receive diplomas until appropriate financial arrangements have been made with the Business Office. Room, Board, and other privileges may be suspended as a result of unsatisfactory payments. Past due accounts may be turned over to a collection agency with all related legal and collection fees also due from the student.