Religion Classes

RL122 Religion and the Human Adventure. 3 hours. An introduction to the ways in which religion   provides meaning and purpose for human life. The course includes a study of a variety of religious traditions, beliefs, and practices. Prerequisite to all other courses in Religion.

RL201 Old Testament. 3 hours. A survey of Old Testament, literature concentrating on the faith of Israel and its relevance for today.

RL202 New Testament. 3 hours. A survey of New Testament literature, concentrating on the faith of the early church and its relevance for today.

RL203 Explorations in Christian Thought. 3 hours. An examination of the resources of the Christian faith with special concern for its relevance to twentieth-century life. Prerequisite: RL122.

RL225 Philosophy of Religion. 3 hours. This is a study of the nature of religion and of the relation of philosophy to theology. Attention is given to such problems as the existence of God, knowledge of God, faith, religious language, evil, immortality, and eschatology. Cross-listed with PL225. Prerequisite: RL122.

RL314 World Religions Today. 3 hours. Study of the theoretical, practical, and sociological expressions of religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Prerequisite: RL122.

RL320 Peace, Justice, and Conflict Resolution. 3 hours. A multi-disciplinary approach to the nature and causes of aggression, violence, and war; to public policy on issues of defense and social services; to biblical and theological teachings and principles concerning war, peace, and justice; and to methods and strategies of resolving conflicts at all levels. Cross-listed with SO320. Prerequisite: RL122.

RL336 Thanatology. 3 hours. A cross-cultural study of many aspects of the phenomena of death and dying, and the associated rituals and processes which accompany them. Prerequisite: RL122.

RL190/290/390/490 Special Topics. 1-5 hours. Introductory course on a topic not included in the regular curriculum. Prerequisite: Instructor's permission.