BME with Certification in Vocal/Choral Music - Min. 124 Hours

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Music Education degree may prepare to teach both Vocal and Instrumental music by completing the following endorsement.

Instrumental Endorsement. In addition to the course work required for the Vocal/Choral emphasis:

Applied Instrument (2)

Instrumental Ensemble (2, Minimum of two semesters)

MU122   String Class (1)

MU124   Percussion Class (1)

MU127   Trumpet Class (1)

MU128   Clarinet Class (1)

MU223   Woodwind Techniques (1)

MU225   Brass Techniques (1)

MU317   Advanced Conducting—Instrumental (2)

MU335   Instrumentation (2)


Common Core: See Common Core requirements

Tier Two: Additional General Education Requirements (11 Hours)


Required Courses:

  • PY210   Educational Psychology (3)
  • PY223   Developmental Psychology (3)
  • PY342   Psychology of the Exceptional Child (2)
  • Count PY343 Practicum for PY342 (1) as part of the Professional Education Core below.

8 hours

Humanities, Fine Arts (not to include Music) or Social Science:

3 hours

Music major Requirements (62 Hours)

Music Major Requirements (28 Hours)

MU107   The Theory and Practice of Music I (3)

MU108   The Theory and Practice of Music II (3)

MU117   Aural Skills I (1)

MU118   Aural Skills II (1)

MU150   Introduction to Western Music (2)

MU207   The Theory and Practice of Music III (3)

MU217   Aural Skills III (1)

MU321   Music History I (3)

MU322   Music History II (3)

MU337   Choral Arranging (2)

MU365   Form and Analysis (2)

MU423   American Music (2) (Capstone)

MU471   Composition I (2) (Capstone)

Principal Applied (14 hours)

Applied Lessons (13)

MU492   Senior Recital (1) (Capstone)

Secondary Applied (4 hours)

Applied Guitar (1) OR Applied Piano (1)

Applied Guitar (1) OR Applied Piano (1)

MU131   Piano (1) OR MLP_ Applied Piano (1)

MU132   Piano (1) OR MLP_ Applied Piano (1)

Techniques and Pedagogy (12 hours)

MU129   Guitar Techniques (1)

MU214   Basic Conducting (2)

MU241   Diction for Singers (3)

MU314   Advanced Choral Conducting (2)

MU316   Choral Techniques (2)

MU324   Choral Literature (2)

Ensembles (4 hours):Must be enrolled in and successfully participate in a major ensemble (0.5 hour) each semester of full-time attendance

Major Ensemble (4)

Professional Education Requirements (18 Hours)

ED101   Introduction to Teaching (2)

ED102   Introduction to Teaching Practicum (1)

ED369MU  Elementary School Music Methods (2)

ED370MV  The Teaching of Music in High School (2)

ED462   Supervised Student Teaching (Capstone; 1 of 4 required) (8)

ED471   Teaching Reading in the Secondary School (2)

PY343   Psychology of the Exceptional Child Practicum (1): (Take concurrently with PY342, which is counted as part of the Additional General Education requirements counted above.)

Electives (To Complete Min. 124 Hours)