Master of Nursing Courses

NU500 Advanced Health Assessment. 4 hours. This course focuses on development of advanced health history and assessment skills. Discussion centers on interpreting data, recognizing deviations from normal, recognizing actual and potential health problems, and determining the nursing/medical diagnosis. Cultural diversity and ethical issues are considered.

NU502 Advanced Pathophysiology. 3 hours. The purpose of this course is to build on the student's existing knowledge to selected patient populations. The focus will be on alterations in body systems, on pathophysiologic changes, and on associated signs and symptoms across the life span.

NU504 Advanced Pharmacology. 3 hours. The focus of this course is on pharmacotherapeutics and the implications for nursing practice. Treatment guidelines, indications, contraindications, prescription writing, drug law, issues and policies, and drug information resources will be addressed.

NU508 Epidemiology. 4 hours. This course weaves the discipline of epidemiology with the role of the Clinical Nurse Leader. Topics include the history of epidemiology, disease transmission dynamics, public health surveillance, legal/ethical issues, culture, and prevention. The statistical measures of epidemiology are applied to patient safety and quality of care through the role of the Clinical Nurse Leader. Students will be provided the opportunity to further explore an epidemiological topic of choice, including emerging infectious diseases, chronic diseases, genetics, environment, and pandemics.

NU510 Advanced Professional Role. 3 hours. Students will examine the role of Master's-prepared nurses with attention to the Clinical Nurse Leader. Students will gain a working knowledge of the concepts of leadership, communication, teambuilding, quality, education and ANA standards and ethics.

NU512 Health Care Finance/Policy/Economics. 3 hours. The course introduces students to health care finance and provides an opportunity to prepare Unit budgets. Students will develop an understanding of health care economics, the health care system, the development of health policy, and the role of the advance-practice nurse in the process.

NU514 Theoretical Frameworks. 2 hours. This course presents a variety of conceptual and theoretical frameworks and allows students to examine both nursing theories and contemporary theories from other disciplines.

NU516 Health Care Issues. 3 hours. This course assists students to explore current issues and events impacting professional nursing practice. The impact of systems thinking, diversity, health literacy, health care reform, social factors, economic responsibilities, and ethical and legal issues influencing health care, will be examined.

NU518 Evidence-Based Client Care Management. 4 hours. The focus of the course is evidence-based care of the client with attention to restoration, maintenance, and health promotion. Clinical decision-making will be enhanced through the use of case studies. Client safety, client satisfaction, national initiatives, and models of measurement will be discussed.

NU522 Clinical Nurse Leader Residency. 4 hours. This course is the clinical experience which will provide students an opportunity to work in the roles of clinical nurse leader under the guidance of a mentor. The weekly online reports, will give all students the opportunity to share experiences. The capstone project will be completed.