Master of Education Course Descriptions

ED504 Current Issues and Trends in Education. 3 hours/6 weeks. This course will focus on the review and appraisal of contemporary trends and practices in Education. Emphasis will be placed on social and multi-cultural issues in American education. Educational theories and curricula will be critically analyzed within a variety of educational settings. The students will receive the criteria for completing their Final Project, and will begin to identify an area of interest for further research.

ED505   Liberal Arts in Education. 3 hours/6 weeks. This course requires students to focus on liberal arts once again in their academic studies. Students in this course will build both on their individual broad level of knowledge about education and their mastery of their specific teaching area of expertise or work skills. This course integrates liberal education, professional studies, and specialty studies.

ED513 Classroom Assessment. 3 hours/6 weeks. This focus of this course will be classroom observation, interpretation, and research. The students will be expected to practice and implement various techniques discussed in class, as well as prepare documentation for explorations undertaken.

ED514 Instructional Technology. 3 hours/6 weeks. This is a project-based course in which the students will study the relationship between contemporary learning theories and classroom technology. Coursework encourages development of technology skills and a conceptual foundation that supports a) continued life-long professional development, b) potential technological leadership among peers, and c) new instructional technology perspectives. Missouri Standards for Teacher Education Programs (MoSTEP) competencies will also be addressed.

ED516 Exceptional and Diverse Learners. 3 hours/6 weeks. The basic concepts of this course will be multicultural education with an emphasis on students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, as well as the gifted and special-needs student. Instruction will include a review of instructional strategies for the diverse classroom, a personal examination of one's bias and stereotypes, and the role of personal professional responsibility within a global society. The Missouri Standards for Teacher Education Programs (MoSTEP) and provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act will also be addressed.

ED523 Teacher Leadership. 3 hours/6 weeks. In this course, issues of school improvement and reform will be discussed and evaluated. The concept of leadership will be explained using current theories and different styles of leadership will be explored along with their effectiveness

ED533 Classroom and Behavior Management. 3 hours/6 weeks. This course will focus on organization, procedures, and management of the classroom including approaches to disciplinary problems.

ED539 Issues & Trends in Curriculum. 3 hours/6 weeks. This course is designed to provide the students with information concerning issues and trends in curriculum. Topics will include the history of and evolution of curriculum use, curriculum development, connecting curriculum and assessments, practical use of curriculum, and how curriculum fits into our current state and national achievement responsibilities.

ED561 Instructional Strategies. 3 hours/6 weeks. This course is designed to assist the students in recognizing personal instructional strategies and selecting strategies appropriate to the student population. Various instructional strategies will be explored.

ED595 Introduction to Research. 3 hours/6 weeks. This course is designed to familiarize the students with a variety of methodologies in educational research. The students will select an area of interest for secondary research. A project proposal for fulfillment of ED596 Final Project will be completed. The students will continue their independent research as delineated in their project proposals for presentation in ED596.

ED596 Final Project. 3 hours/6 weeks.Every student must successfully complete ED596 to fulfill the research requirement for the Master of Education degree. Students complete their project with the instructor's guidance. This project includes practical research, a literature review, and a presentation. Students who do not complete the project during this course will receive a grade of "I" (Incomplete) for the course. Students who receive a grade of Incomplete must maintain continuous enrollment in ED 598 Project Continuation until the thesis is completed or the six-year time for program completion has expired. Prerequisite: ED595 or significant coursework in research.

PS501 American Public School Law. 3 hours/6 weeks. This course will focus on the study of the American legal system and the court decisions impacting education. Emphasis will be placed on the legal rights and responsibilities of students, teachers, administrators, and others involved in the public education process.