The Curriculum, ADP

The Central Methodist University Adult Degree Program offers students the opportunity to earn their Undergraduate or Graduate Degrees in an accelerated format that is committed to a high-quality, continuously improving, stimulating, and practical education. The Values, Mission, and Educational Goals statement of Central Methodist University are published earlier in the catalog. These statements are pledges about the character of the Adult Degree Program and the education it seeks to provide to all students. As these pledges make clear, the University understands education to be concerned with the formation of the self, not merely with providing information to an individual who is unchanged by it. Liberal education is formative as well as informative. At their best, both liberal arts education and education for professional preparation provide the intellectual knowledge, skills, and disciplines from which the student constructs his or her unique character as well as prepares for a career and for life.

The educational program described in the following pages is intended to fulfill the mission of the University by providing a curriculum that enables students to reach the Educational Goals of the Adult Degree Program through acquiring the habits of mind, habits of heart, and habits of action that embody the good.   The development of such habits requires both knowledge and mental discipline in many fields of study. Habits of mind should move beyond knowledge toward wisdom. And wisdom requires an understanding that decisions and actions should be based on both knowledge and the will to do the good. Our curriculum is designed to help students make responsible life choices with deep concern for the common good.

The Adult Degree Program

The Adult Degree Program is designed to help stu­dents achieve their undergraduate or graduate degree while pursuing their careers. The curriculum is structured sequentially, with students taking one (1) course at a time and meeting one (1) class night per week.  Most courses last from 5-7 weeks. The Adult Degree Completion Program is a "computer-enhanced" program, which means that advances in technology may be utilized to augment the learning experience.

Organizations are increasingly relying on production through cross-function­al teams, and this program fosters effective learning through diverse teams. In addition to class sessions, each student in the program works on team projects with other Learning Team Members for a minimum of four (4) hours per week. In keeping with the trends of the global mar­ketplace, this work is completed in either a face-to-face or "virtual" format, or both. Documentation of this work is reviewed by the course instructor each week.

Bachelor's degree students must complete a minimum of 124 hours of credit. Their degrees focus on the academic major. CMU believes that every person with a college education should have one or more areas of both in-depth and extensive knowledge. The academic major insures that all graduates have one or more widely recognized fields of study in which they can function at a sophisticated, advanced level. Students choose a degree program, and within it they choose an academic major. Degree programs must also include a significant secondary field of study or a set of corollary courses in addition to the major and the General Education program. This can be classified as an academic minor or an alternative to the minor, both of which must include at least 17 hours of coursework that would enhance the student's educational experience. Students should work closely with their Academic Advisor to plan for the courses that would best meet their needs.